Saturday, July 22, 2017

Finger Food (Chicken, Cheese and Shrimp)

When you go to a party or family gathering what is the first thing you want to do?

My guess would be eating of course aside from meeting new people or checking your long lost relatives or friends. You know what I'm with you, you know why? Think about it--you will wake up early to leave the house and you need to prepare a lot of stuff to bring and then attending the kids needs also your husband's need. The last thing on your mind is eating because there is no more time left and you have this long drive ahead of you. The morning is just starting and you're already exhausted so, probably you're hungry already when you reach your destination. Here's the thing, since everyone is still arriving it means you can't eat yet because you need to wait for others right? But actually you can, in every celebration or party there's one thing you can find and that is the finger food.

There are many kinds of finger foods you can make, some people include some fruits and fresh vegetables but since my husband is a meat eater--I made a classic chicken and cheese plus shrimp and cheese finger food. You can make this kind of food prior to your family gathering. Kids in your family will definitely love you because they love delicious and cute little things and this one is perfect for their appetite. You might be a little exhausted and hungry but you can still enjoy your party.

So, before I go I just want to share my happy experience with my sister and her kids. We had this birthday celebration or I think it's Christmas (I can't remember exactly) but my sister prepared some sliced chicken barbecue pretty match a finger food and some hotdog and marshmallow and I can tell from the reaction of her kids that for them that moment were pretty special and they did appreciate it so much. they'd been laughing and eating as if its the most delicious and precious food in the world. That moment created by a simple thing is really what important these days. You can cultivate your relationship with your kids and you can make that kinds of memories that last a lifetime. What a great memory for me too!

Okay folks! It is time for me to go and until next time. Have a great weekend! Be safe!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Chicken Tacos

What gives you an energy and great feelings to start your day? Morning sunshine? Or probably great food?
For me both-because a great day plus a great food can compliment each other.
Freshness of vegetables and creamy shredded chicken full of flavor can make you go happy like a child.

I remember the first time me and my sister created our own version of tacos, we were so excited because it was like a celebration with lots of fresh vegetables and meat and some flavorful sauce. Even my niece and nephew loved it, seeing those kids eat healthy is a priceless feeling and accomplishment.

So, recently I decided to make my mini plates of tacos inspired by my past food adventures with my sister. I chose a soft taco shell because for me its easier to use then I prepared my vegetables like lettuce and cucumber (super fresh and healthy) and I love adding some fruits like avocado that adds creaminess, mango that gives some sweetness and tomato that gives some flavor and color.

I baked some chicken breast with some spices to my tacos; shredded into pieces and then I made a simple sauce from mayonnaise mixed with ketchup and a little bit of barbecue sauce. When you combined them together the flavor will burst in your mouth with freshness and sweetness. It was an amazing healthy food that you can enjoy for snacks with your family. Definitely kids will love it too.

The good thing about tacos is that its very versatile when it comes to an ingredients. You can basically throw anything to it form vegetables to some fruits that can compliments each other to a perfect enjoyment. You can also use any kinds of meat from chicken to pork to beef or even fish or any kinds of seafood.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


The weather already changes from winter and now we are in the middle of spring and few more waiting here comes summer. What a lovely phase of seasons, the changes of colours, the wind, the smell of nature and the morning sunshine - the mist and the dew are like blessings in the sky. Everyday is such a promising new beginning - you may struggle a bit but fruit of your labor is the best way to enjoy with family.
Since I came here in the USA, the changes has been drastic from the culture shock to the crazy cold weather but I can say I'm still surviving. This is my tenth month here, married to the man I loved, trying to enjoy and cherish every single day because he is the man I prayed for...until one day a new blessing came. Shocked and teary eyed when my husband gave me the news I am pregnant. It was a complicated emotions coming from a first timer. I must admit I don't know if I'm happy or scared because I've never been pregnant before and the news was overwhelming. He asked me if I'm okay or happy or sad but I can't respond for few minutes while I'm still crying and trying to absorb everything. I told myself, why am I crying? Am I not happy? But underneath it all I know I'm scared because it's a new adventure in life and I can't imagine how it's going to be or what's going to happen or how can I handle everything? There are so many questions in my mind that I cannot answer, my heart is about to explode until I found myself in the arms of my husband. He knew that I am scared and I know he wants to comfort me. Yes of course, he is always there for me, he loves me and he knows his responsibility. So, why am I scared?
After a few days and weeks, I found myself a little bit okay with my new situation - I'm going to be a mother. But my complicated scenario is just about to start... There are changes in me that's almost impossible from the food I eat to the what I like or to what I wanna smell and to what I feel. I become a little confusing and complicated in my own opinion. Even me can't understand myself to what I want or what I want to do. I've heard so many stories about people going through their own pregnancies and not everyone is the same. The thing is - mine is one of those difficult one. I don't like the smell of cigar or cigarettes or some random stuff, I feel super cold most of the time, I used to eat almost everything but not anymore and I puke a lot. It's been 14 weeks now and my situation is almost the same everyday. There was a point in time were my husband brought me to the emergency room because I'm dehydrated from puking and I can't eat even I try to and it's hard. I don't know when my situation will going to change but the only thing I want is - I'm praying my baby will going to be okay. One time my friend say puking is a sign that the baby is healthy and deep inside I'm hoping for it.
I can say it's quite an adventure already but 6 more months before I can see my baby. My husband and most of people wants it to be a boy, I also like a baby boy but I'm open for the possibility to have a baby girl. But at the end of the day, as long as my baby is healthy - boy or girl is okay for me. I will love them the same. Have a great day everyone! God bless us all! πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

Sunday, February 5, 2017

30 Rock

It's been few weeks already since my birthday but I just recently decided to post my simple celebration as I always do. I don't write some stuff lately because I've been caught up with my new married life. Before, I've been writing almost everyday and earlier I was scrolling down with some articles I've written a long time ago and its funny because I realized how passionate I was before and happy in sharing important stuff in my life. But I'm not saying I'm not passionate now or not happy, of course I am thankful and blessed. Years before the only thing I know is enjoying my self, my freedom, my adventures, what I like to eat and what I want to do - but now I can enjoy everything with my husband. Yes, I have the best of both worlds.

So, going back to my birthday - I'm 30 years old already but honestly I don't feel like 30. I'm not being in denial but sometimes age is just a number like literally just a number. I'm still that free-spirited person who loves and enjoy everything in life despite of many problems and circumstances. Although, I still have that same simple life - sometimes I still feel like I'm still living in my beloved country the Philippines because everything is pretty much the same except when I go out and realized my surrounding is quite different and people are talking in English language. Seven months had passed already and yet I can't say if I'm getting used to western life or not but as I told my husband I think I'm more okay now than before. I'm learning to hold on in our situation and if surviving is life then I am living.

So much for my thoughts... I just wanna share my favorite food on my bday ;)

Pizza and black forest cake are so memorable for me because the last time me and hubby celebrated his birthday we had the same food. It's like our tradition now to include it in our birthdays. It's really a good combination - kinda like salty and sweet moment. Okay that's it for now folks, have a wonderful day, wonderful February and wonderful Valentines Day 2017. Adios!