Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Best Summer Getaway "Palawan"

What is the best way to spend summer vacation? 

You can let the time passed without doing anything, sleep the whole day, eat your favorite food, watch your favorite series or movie, maybe a shopping will do, some partying and dating, go to a relaxing place like spa or make a trip of a lifetime to have an adventure and experience you will never forget. You can even have the chance to capture the Picture Perfect in the perfect moment of your life.

The most in demand place to visit is where you can do lots of things.

There was this guy once told me, “you should grab the opportunity because it’s once in a lifetime, maybe it will not going to happen again”.  And it’s true, time is very precious and we should live the moment so we will never regret it because we can never bring back every seconds that we lost. Hmmm. To start everything, one of the places that really give me an amazing getaway is Palawan. Underground River in Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan was named one of the 7 Wonders of Nature in the World. It has the richness in cultures, great scenery, good people, warmth environment, exotic food, and truly a wonders in this world.

If ever you decided to visit Palawan, you will notice different kind of tourist around the world. Some are from our neighbouring countries like Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan and China naming the few. You can even find some tourist from America and Europe. These people go there to witness the beauty of our country. Don’t let ourselves to be the stranger in our own country because there’s so much to discover. We can learn so many interesting facts that we can share to others.

You can do diving, Island hopping, sightseeing or a walk to sand and enjoy a swim. Lots and lots of great opportunity out there, so make your vacation wilder and bigger.  
Think of these, if you travel to some places try to take a photo or a video. If  you can do something different or interesting capture it and make documentation about it. Because it’s nice to know that we have a memory of something we do. Memories are forever and irreplaceable.


This romantic place can be found in Lagen Island located in Palawan. Aside from being adventurous, you can also be romantic at the same. Palawan is very well known to different kind of tourist; different kind of race; from kids to adult; family, friends and lovers. And if you are looking for a great spot for you and your special someone this is the place. 

Are you planning a proposal for your girlfriend or fiancĂ©? You can plan a surprise that they never expected. All along she’s been thinking it’s just another plain vacation for both of you. But actually it’s going to be the best day of her life.

 It can be a place for wedding, debut or party for the people you love. The cost is really nothing if you will see them happy, well I mean definitely you will spend a lot but the moment is going to be amazing for sure. Anyway, presenting a romantic moment can be cheaper. We can always make an alternative choice to show what we really feel for someone we love. Most of the time, it’s not always how big we spend but the time and effort we give. Sweet!

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