Thursday, March 28, 2013

Discipline for Ever day Life

Discipline in everything we do. It’s easy to say but when we need to apply it in our daily life we will miss a single point to perfect it. It serves a vital role in every decision we make. In order to have a healthy lifestyle, healthy mind, and healthy surrounding we need to possess a great attitude towards everything. For example, in what we eat, exercises, clean place, the way we think, the way we do things, the way we speak, all in all—the way we live life. 

Are we healthy inside and out? Do we have discipline among ourselves?

As a parent, how we discipline our kids? I cannot speak in behalf of every parents around the world because I’m not yet one. But as a concern individual, I can point out some good and not so good approach when it comes to disciplining a kid. 

When I was a kid, I lived in a rural community. I walked when I go to school. We didn’t have electricity; it means that gadgets were alien because we were not familiar of those things. We lived simply. I can say that kids from the past are more discipline but limited in a resources to grow knowledgeable. 

As I can see kids today, they are smart, articulate, visionary, random, artistic and unstoppable in a great way. Which is good because life is more challenging these days than before. And in order for them to be ready, they need to be a quick thinker and be able to resolve things on their own. But what’s lacking them is the discipline and respect. Lots of changes are still happening. Technology at its best, worlds collide in just one click away. And what we learned from the past changes in different perspective.

Is it good or not? I can say both. Good in a sense that changes made things easier for us, the technology, communication, in our lifestyle, in our preferences, we have this alternative in everything. But the not so good about it, as everything changes—we also changes and sometimes we separate our heart, our wisdom and the soft side of us just to be tougher. It’s not bad to have a heart and be emotional and not just all for fun while living your life to the fullest.

And talking about being emotional, these past few weeks had been an okay situation for me and for the entire family. Things are smooth and there are no big issues that will make our head heavy. But this morning I woke up from my sister’s voice, saying “they will leave to go to hospital”. Then my sister went back just to tell me that my nephew is about to have an operation this afternoon. The news was shocking and heart-breaking. We didn’t see this coming; the simple cold that we think is really not just a cold. I’m wondering, how this thing could happen? My nephew is 10 years old, bigger than the usual kids of his age, he is fat and don’t bother to exercise. He looks healthy but the lifestyle he is making is a bit disturbing. He don’t really eat vegetables—mostly meats and past food, but when we force him to eat veggie sometimes he eat. He is lazy changing his clothes even if it’s already wet from sweat—most of the time it dried off to his body and it’s not good when it happens. He used to drink cold water from freezer, especially when he came from outside under the sun. He never listen to any advice I told him, he continued what he wanted to do and now he’s paying the price of his being hard headed. I can say that he’s been spoiled in everything by his parents. I cannot blame them because they’ve through a lot in raising their kids. They lost their first born, and I know it affects them so much. The only thing they want to do is to give everything for their kids.

Still, “prevention is better than cure” and discipline is important to avoid some circumstances. Being disciplinarian don’t mean being strict, it always have boundary. If you will explain properly to your kids why certain things need to be done for their own sake, I know they will understand. And I hope the operation of my nephew will be successful. And everyone will learn from this mistake. “Life is too short but our time is enough to improve ourselves and be a better person”.

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