Sunday, March 31, 2013

Healthy and Delicious :)

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Vegetarian or not vegetarian? Every great meal starts with the simple and different ingredients. If you learn to mix it all up and put a great flavor that everyone will love, it’s great, it's Picture Perfect.

My sister loves cooking and I love eating. I tried every dish she cooks and I claimed myself—food expert because I can tell if the dish is tasty enough or lack of flavors—just for fun. And I call her sometimes Chef, when I want to tease her. And after that we find ourselves laughing while eating. 

Shrimp and Chicken Chopsuey
Chopsuey is a healthy food. The combination of vegetables, seafood and meat are terrific. If you are health conscious, this is the right dish for you. Some kids don’t like trying veggie but if you want them to learn how to eat vegetables at early stage you can try Chopsuey for a change. It consist light flavour but creamy at the same time. Don’t overcook all ingredients because it will be saggy and crushed but don’t undercook either. To get the best result, it’s okay to cook them separately before you mix it up at the end. For example; you can steamed the broccoli, cooked the beans in separate water then drained them while the cold water is running to it—so the color will not change from dark green and still look fresh. Kids will definitely love the taste and the flavor. For sure, you will reward yourself for a great job.

Lapu-lapu is a native fish named after the very first Muslim hero in the Philippines. There’s a saying, “who killed Lapu-lapu? The answer is Ferdinand Magellan, but today Fisherman kills Lapu-lapu”. Because Fisherman caught the fish, sometimes it can sounds funny but sometimes not anymore. Anyway, lapu-lapu is very versatile fish. You can cook it different ways but the most love dish is the sweet and sour. First, you can deep fry the fish and cook the sauce separately before pouring it on top. It is healthy because tomato sauce has dietary fiber and some healthy vegetable like carrots also helps. The fish is already so rich and tasty and the combinations of its sauce make it more delicious. Actually, you can put your own twist on this dish. It is advisable to put your own line of veggies to make it more fun.
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Shrimp with Veggie
Coconut milk is mostly use in many dishes in the Philippines. This shrimp with veggie is one healthy dish where we use coconut milk. Squash, chorizo, shrimp and malunggay or moringa leaves (a native tree vegetable that can be found in the Philippines, is proven one of the green vegetables that have vitamin B1 & B3 and ascorbic acid to name the few essential mineral in its leaves). Cheap and healthy. Is the right tagline for this tasty and delicious dish—and we can add 1 cup of rice to seal the deal. So, can we eat now?

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