Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Easter "Come to Church this Holy Week"

"Diocese of Antipolo"

  "Antipolo Church "Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage"
 Holy Week is almost here. We celebrate it depends on how we like it. Some people become pilgrim to other country like Jerusalem or holy land to fulfill their promise and penitence to God. The others take it as an opportunity to spend time with their family for vacation.

 We as Filipino love to continue our traditions, our beliefs, and our devotion. Church plays a strong role in our society when it comes to molding us as a good and responsible person. Especially this holy season, most of us visit churches as a tribute to our love for Almighty God. Whatever kind of person you are and wherever you came from, we all have a sense of spiritual devotion that we cannot hide. As we approach the holy week, I’m wishing that we stay safe and focus on what our hearts really believes in.


When I was a small kid I remembered my mom took me to church every Sunday. But every Sunday of holy week was different. I don’t have any idea before why they gave us a palm leaves tied together like a cross and as the father spread a holy water in the air; we raised it and rejoiced as if a miracle was happening. “Palm Sunday”, palm leaves and rejoicing means the same to me. Even if I don’t know what it means exactly before I know my faith is always there with me. But I’m still wondering now, what is really the significance of it this Holy season?

 I asked someone, Palm Sunday is a Christian moveable feast that falls on the Sunday before Easter. The feast commemorates Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, an event mentioned in all four canonical Gospels


In the bible, we often times hear that “wine is made of grapes that represent the blood of Christ and the consecrated bread is the body”. 
When I attended a church mass, I remembered falling in line to receive the body of Christ. I believe I never past any church mass without doing it. And it’s just amazing for me because I know it is part of my whole life. Definitely one of the things I’m proud of doing.

In our life, we usually do something base on what we believe in and in what we think what’s right. 
First, don’t drink and drive. You don’t want to hit someone on the road or gonna get yourself killed. 
Second, don’t get drunk if you have problems because it’s not the solution. Why not enjoy your life?
Third, you can stock up your wine and put up your own bar. I think that’s cooler. Don't you think?


In every holy week, we all know that eating meat is a no-no. In my experienced, I once ordered a pizza in time of Holy week, there’s no food in the house and can’t eat anything. We didn’t cook because the only available in the freezer was meat. After eating a pizza we realized that pepperoni and ham are meat, oh no! How come we lost our minds? It’s really embarrassing. But honestly, we don’t really mean it maybe it’s just happened to anyone to forget or maybe not.
Some said, ‘’most important is your faith in God’’. So, eating meat is okay as long as you have faith and you believe. Oh…okay, that makes sense but most people also said, “Holy season represents the sacrifices and love of God in all mankind, he gave his only son to save us all”.
Each and every one of us has our own opinion and we all respect that. If you feel doing your own way of sacrifices, then do it if that’s going to make you feel better inside. If you don’t care about the holy week and you want to do your own thing, you can do that also because we have our own will. If we can do something, do it with honors and with passion. But I’m not saying eating meat will make you look bad or no dignity. Just saying that, a little sacrifice will not gonna hurt you but will only test you.

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