Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Best Native Desserts!

Camote cake, ube and maja de Blanca are one of the favorite desserts in the Philippines.
Back in the day; in provinces home, neighbors in remote areas, and street—native desserts are widely known. Today, they made a twist or some changes to modernize the serving and packages of these desserts, so it can compete to the new levels of cooking and techniques. I have to say when it comes to popularity; these native desserts are not treated very well unlike before, maybe because today when it comes to food you can find lots of options. But it doesn’t matter, yes lots of changes in everything. The favorites of yesterday maybe took a step back a little bit but it has a great appreciation for most food lovers. And I considered myself one of those people that appreciate and love what my culture gave me.  

I don’t really eat camote cake or ube or maja de Blanca every day. But when I do see someone selling it or I drop myself to some store and I see some deliciously made native desserts, definitely I will buy some. It’s like my birthday or any special day if I eat camote cake, the sweetness and richness of flavor blend together, not chewy but it’s like going to melt in your mouth as you make a bite of it. And ube is very flexible to use in any kind of dish, and this sweet dessert will make you wanting for more. To top it all, my personal favorite of all time is maja de Blanca. Since I was a kid, when my parents and my siblings made a desserts after every meal—I always look forward to find maja de Blanca and make sure I will have the biggest part because that’s how good it is. I love most when I can still eat the tiny bits of corn and the entire maja, it’s like sweet soft jelly creamy yummy for me. Those three desserts are my comfort food until now, truly a Picture Perfect.

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