Friday, March 29, 2013

I Love Emerald Beach!

(Lovey Dovey Crabby BeachY)
“The beauty of the sea”.  Many people love to spend time with their family, friends and love one to have a vacation far from hustle and bustle of the city. And one of the famous destinations is beach—well mostly. Sea-side, beach front, white sand, fresh air, romantic scenery, comfort and relaxing atmosphere, rich taste of seafood, and freedom are some of the reasons why lots of tourist chose to stay away for a little while and take an adventure on a country side. Well, if you are busy the whole year and stuck in a file of paper works or so much focus with your job maybe this is the time to have fun and enjoy a bit. And have your Picture Perfect moment with nature and the seas.

Waaahhh Yea. What I love about the beach is the great view.
I know that view down under the sea is amazing, but since I can’t swim I am okay with the surface attraction. I’m a big fan of amazing scenery and I really appreciate the vibrant freshness of nature. I love capturing them on a photos and knowing I have the best memory out of it, I’m on a high. Like other people, before I become totally consumed about my passion I first learned it to someone who introduces it to me. And I’m so thankful because he opened up my eyes to the beauty of the world—and I will not going to tell his name.  My life is simple as it is; I care about the people around me. They’ve been my inspiration through everything I’ve been doing. And the appreciation in life completes when everything collide in front me.

One morning I walked on a beach. I was amazed because I’m so sure to myself last night when I walked around here the water level didn’t reached these trees. And I saw a star fish; it looks dry and I thought it was dead because there’s no water around it. Didn’t know that every noon the water level goes down till night and it goes up from midnight to morning. Hahaha, silly me—that’s why there’s a low tide and a high tide. Well, I know about tides but experiencing it for the first time is like wow to me. It’s just amazing! I guess, “Experience is really a good teacher”. And you don’t need to be nerdy or geek to learn how to define things just to tell if you feel good about something, because you will going to feel it anyway. 

“Little Crabby”. When you are exploring new places you will definitely find something new and interesting.

So cute! The little crabby was on my hand...oh yea!

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