Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Noodles soup for the soul!

Nam nam nam, yo ho ho, ye hah!

Manila is the capital of the Philippines. One of the historic places I’ve ever known. Many vintage establishments were built here. One of the first people came and made trades and businesses were Chinese. And if you will travel inside Manila you will notice that most of establishments here are owned by Filipino-Chinese people.

My sister, her son Mark and I went to Binondo, the part of Manila where we found Chinese community. Then we went to a restaurant to eat. The restaurant created their signature home-made noodles and siomai, just like their very own dish because I never taste like it before and it’s really delicious. As you walked through the glass door, you will first see the cook or maybe a chef making the noodles and siomai. They made it fresh almost every day. Maybe it’s the reason why the restaurant is quite famous, even if it’s small and the flow of customers are continues, some are even waiting.

If I will scale them from 1 to 10—1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest, probably I will rank them 8.5 for an awesome customer service. The reason why I didn’t give those 10 is because I love cheap food. Cheap and delicious not expensive but because their food and customer service is quiet impressive, they passed my taste.

Learning chopstick for the first time—just to able to eat noodles and siomai in a right way is quite amazing. I guess my effort paid off because I can have a Picture Perfect moment that I can treasure forever.

Aside from great food, Manila is also known—the capital city that used horses for tourist attraction, because until now you can still see and use horse for transportation. And I tried it together with my sister and nephew. It felt nice to experience something new but technically it’s an old ways. Because before cars, trains and plains were invented—we used horses. One of the awesome things that happened to me and I’m willing to experience it again.

How cool was that?

There’s so much more to discover. Even Manila is not always about good things, you can still have great time and experiences because lots of things to learn—to be happy and to be thankful for. And I really appreciate how crowded and populated the place—because it is how it is. You can still find great place to have your simple Picture Perfect experience, like mine.

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