Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Heart of Every Celebration is a Food Nation!

They say when it's your birthday; you should eat something long like noodles or spaghetti because it represents long life and journey. But for me, eat delicious food that will make you happy.

In every celebration, food is always the center of attractions. Actually, that’s only for me. Whenever there’s a party or just a simple get together, I’m always looking forward and excited about food. I’m always thinking what’s gonna be the main course, is it gonna be fabulous or super delicious? Then of course, desserts and drinks are always on my list too…But these following photos are all deliciously well prepared dishes that you might want to add on your list for Picture Perfect moments...

Sticky sweet rice (I love it), home-made maja blanca (sweet-I love it too), Kaldereta style saucy pork (amazing-I really like the sauce, it's a bit sweet and flavorful), and grapes for desserts. Yum Yum!

Kare-kare is really good with Bagoong (salted small shrimp-blended together with kare-kare, taste awesome), and some banana for desserts--not bad at all...sweet!

Pasta is really my favorite and I always say that because every time I eat pasta it does just give me some sense of contentment and happiness. It's like my day is complete especially with this tacos-additional love, grace is on my face.

Chicken curry is just one of those dishes that give a lasting impression, because when I tasted it before--it really amazed me. And I think it's very special dish that's perfect for a special occasion.

Special Pancit
Every snack time, we usually prepare pancit with slice bread and cold drinks. Pancit is one of the influences introduced by Chinese to the Filipino culture, and then later on we made some changes and twist to make it our own traditional “meryenda” snacks.

 Chopsuey is a healthy food. The combination of vegetables and meat are terrific and awesome. If you are health conscious, this is the right dish for you.

Chicken Adobo is the most love dish by Filipino-I have to say. Very versatile dish, flavorful, tasty and can lasts a longer of time. Fried milk fish (the fish bones are already taken out), and guisado chicken in a veggies. My afternoon lunch is complete with additional rice, thank you!

Guisado Beef (T-bone or steak cut of the beef) in Veggies--yummy and healthy good for your tummy.

Pork Kaldereta is awesome if cheesy. Actually, without cheese is okay too. But I just love cheese because it adds more flavor.

 Filipino style Chicken Risotto is by far the most technical dish because you need to do lots of things to it. You need to cook it step by step while adding the ingredients, but it's worthy because it turns out delicious.

 Sisig with Egg, it's a combination of pork's different parts chopped together in small pieces. While the sisig is still hot put the fresh egg on top to get cooked. The taste will be creamier and delicious.

Ceasar Salad with Eggs, definitely healthy! Usually, we used chicken for a ceasar salad but this time we can use egg for a change--cheaper but yummier.

Sea Weeds Salad with Mango and Tomato, my sister (Nhing) loves to cook and create something. And the example of her great food creation is this seaweeds salad with a twist. The combination of tomato and mango suits with salad, it has balance of flavor and texture that for sure your mouth will love.

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