Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Man V Food Style--Banana Split of A Lifetime

Yea Men!

I have always heard the words “banana split” but honestly I’ve just learned what it was just a few years ago. It’s kinda funny because I’m a big fan of ice cream, when it comes to a dessert. I just thought it’s a boat or something. Yes, I love ice cream and banana or any kind of fruits. And lately, we did it—we made a banana split and it was not perfect as Picture Perfect but it was awesomely cool. I just love it totally and it’s actually the first time we indulge a dessert together with my niece and my sister in one plate. It’s the battlefield of banana and ice cream with the three flavors namely mango, chocolate and mantecado (butter vanilla). Uh! It was a good thing I have to say—it felt like “Man V Food” as we tackled the plate. And as the banana split vanished, our stomachs were full—solved! 

 Banana Split

Oh yes, this is really good for a hot weather like here in the Philippines. It’s sweet and cold, yummy and delicious, awesome and cool—and now I feel like I want some ice cream… Oh no! It’s almost midnight maybe tomorrow. I think it does gonna be a perfect timing because every afternoon there’s no way you will never gonna feel so hot… Yes, you heard me—you always gonna feel so hot and sweaty, so a scoop of ice cream will seal a deal… Hopefully!

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