Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mighty Meaty for Meat Lover

Meaty and Yummy

The new generation of food lover is also known as the meat lovers.  Most of us can’t deny that whether healthy or not as long as it is delicious, we always go for it. But it is advisable to balance meat and vegetables for our own health. Cheating on your diet is not really bad but don’t tolerate yourself with that, still monitoring what you eat or being aware about your health is a wise thing to do.
For example, in 1 day—in the morning you will eat hotdog, bacon, ham and egg with 1 cup of rice or 2 slices of bread. Make sure in the afternoon, you will eat vegetables with any combination of fish or meat. And add some fruits to your meal because most of fruits consist of dietary fibers that help clean our tummy. Then in the evening, if you have eaten meat in your lunch maybe you can eat fish or any seafood in your dinner—of course don’t forget to add veggies and fruits in your meals every day.
Balancing your lifestyle is a must, eating healthy and exercise can really help us to live longer and worry free life. But as I said, cheating in your diet is not that bad because sometimes we need to party or celebrate special occasions. And food is always present on the tables. So, here’s my list of must prepared dish that you will love. Meaty goodness, good for Picture Perfect!

Picture Perfect for Lechon Pig
We can consider Lechon as traditional Filipino dish. One of the reasons why Cebu is famous aside from being one of the beautiful places in Philippines—is because of lechon. Whenever we have celebrations the most common food you can find on the tables is lechon pig. It signifies abundance, happenings and thanks-giving.
I watched TLC’s program before, it is called “Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservation”. It’s a travel and food show featuring Anthony’s travel and food adventures from different part of the world. He’s been in different countries, taste lots of food but when he visited Philippines he said he have just tasted the most delicious lechon pig “ever”. He ate lechon before and it was never good as Cebu’s lechon. Amazing right? Even foreigners can appreciate what we have, so as Filipino—we should be the first one to love our own (which most of us do and that’s great).

Steamed Chicken
Chicken is probably my favorite of all time. I always have Picture Perfect in my mind about chicken…Wow! Yummy!
Why steamed chicken?
First of all, it was the first time my sister steamed a chicken. Most of the time, she just fried it or make chicken adobo. Because it’s the simplest and easy method we know since we were kids. But actually, steamed chicken is also simple but you need to have a patient of waiting. But I don’t mind because I’m always fascinated with new stuff. In fact, it makes me excited about the taste and new flavor I’m about to try. I think it’s healthier because you don’t have to use plenty of oil like what we used to do in frying. If you want to start your diet, steamed chicken is the best for you. Just add salt, rosemary, seasoning, pepper, crashed garlic and a little bit of soy sauce to the chicken. And wait for about an hour or two or until the chicken is cooked. New dish, new test, new twist!

Roasted Pork Leg with Sauce (PataTim / Kaldereta Combination)
This dish is one of my family’s favorite dishes. As far as I can remembered, when I was young it’s either my mom or my sister had to cooked this one for special occasions. Mostly, every Christmas aside from lechon—we have patatim on the table. And it’s the first dish that’s gone after a minute of eating. Kinda funny but it’s really true. Not only Picture Perfect dish but also perfectly tasty.
My sister cooks patatim for almost—I can’t remember, maybe since she learns to cook. She even asked for my help preparing the ingredients. And yes, we already re-create the dish. It’s actually awesome if you will not copy all the steps and ingredients of one dish because you will discover so much more to make more delicious and presentable new one. But I suggest, no matter what kind of twist you wanna do, don’t forget to add pineapple and cheese to it—trust me it gives magic. :)
The taste of this dish has similarities to the sauce of spaghetti but not exactly like that—maybe the sauce of spaghetti, menudo, kaldereta and sweet and sour pork/meat. That’s how good it is when you cook it. It’s like you can have a taste of different dishes in one—the flavor and the aroma are mesmerizing. Very rich and tasty especially if the pork leg cooked properly. The skin of the pork should be caramelized and beneath should melt in your mouth in every bite. The combination of the sauce and the pork will compliments to the whole dish.

Filipino Pork Stew (Kaldereta with a Twist)
Kaldereta is one of the favorite dishes in the Philippines. Spanish colonialism made it possible for Filipino to enjoy and improve this dish. Kaldereta is originally a goat stew (mine is pork) made with tomato sauce, potatoes, spices, liver spread, olives, bell peppers and hot peppers. The original version of this dish include cheese and I suggest don’t take it away because it helps the flavor. And since re-creating the dish gives real meaning of loving the food, in this version of kaldereta try to add pineapple. Now, you might think—why pineapple? For me, pineapple is very versatile kind of fruits that has the capacity of enhancing the flavor of a dish to make it interesting. You know sometimes when you eat; you feel boredom or a little bit of boring moments about the taste, texture or flavor. And the technique to enhance it is mixing something sweet like pineapple. Now to prove it, you can try to cook kaldereta in your free time and don’t forget to add some veggies in your ingredients. Cook it out of the box and discover something new, believe me it will gonna be Picture Perfect dish for your photo album.

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