Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Comfort Food for Summer and Rainy Days :)

My Best Choice of Summer and Rainy Days Food

There are only two kinds of weather in the Philippines—summer and rainy season.
Every summer the best thing to do is to go to the beach, unwind, relax, have fun and enjoy the day. And of course, in order to make your day truly Picture Perfect—eating something cold will give you a great tingling moment to reduce the heat that’s making you feel thirsty. And my best choice is "ice cream". 

I’ve tasted lots of ice cream, different flavors and different sizes. And yes, I love chocolate since I was a kid, strawberry is also one of my favorite because of it's color, the here’s mango flavor that's originally a Filipino creation.
Mango Ice Cream &
 Vanilla Ice Cream

But honestly, when it comes to simplicity and balance—vanilla ice cream have me thinking the perfect of them all, so it’s on top of my list.

If ice cream is the food that’s best for summer, here’s my best rainy days comfort food. Every time it rains, I’m always wishing to have a soup or something hot that I can eat while watching the rain outside of my window. Ever since I was a kid, one of the things I love doing even until now is to look outside and watch the trees and flowers sway with the wind while raining. For me, it’s the best moment ever when you can stare and witness your surrounding especially the nature (I also played in the rain before--I got wet and soaked up and it was cool). I just loved it. And when the wind become so cold that no matter what you’re wearing you can still feel it through your bone, all I can say is just I’m happy because the soup is on my side. I have two options when it comes down to soup—the first one is the “macaroni soup” and the second one is the soup called “ginataan”—it’s the Filipino traditional dessert made of coconut milk, gabi crops, burro banana, cassava crops, sago, sugar, milk etc. Any of these soup will make my rainy days completely a Picture Perfect moment.

                                                             Macaroni Soup


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