Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Seafood's Lover, Come over!

If there’s a meat lover, there’s a vegetarian and also a seafood’s lover. So, if I need to categorize myself—where am I to this label? Hmmm I don't know exactly… Honestly, I love eating meat obviously, well don’t think anything yet because I will elaborate. My favorite of all time is chicken, very versatile—you can mix it with all different kind of ingredients and it will stand out. All you need to do is to know how to cook it well—as in no trace of blood. Fried, steamed, barbequed, and almost anything is possible. Then there’s pork and beef that’s very well loved and so much more. But even I love meat; I’m not a big fan of exotic food, whether deliciously cooked or not.

On the other hand, I also love vegetables because it can help our body in so many ways to live healthy. But honestly, I can’t be a straight vegetarian but I can be an opportunist vegan once in a while. It’s just that I always cheat for meat. 

Anyway, above all this—to all seafood’s lovers out there, do you know how expensive to eat seafood? Uh huh! I know—of course you know that for sure! And I must say that eating seafood is really an amazing experience to do, especially if it’s delicious. Price is really nothing, if you indulge and excite to it. But actually, if you know how to cook different kind of seafood dishes you don’t need to eat in any expensive restaurants every day. Well, maybe just once in a while or if there’s a special occasions. If you love cooking definitely you love exploring the market and find—the not so expensive seafood’s available. I know lots of affordable goodies out there just make sure you know how to cut your budget. So, let’s start and see how can we have a Picture Perfect for seafood's lover!

Salmon with Misu Soup
Salmon with Misu soup is a combination of strong and smooth flavor. Because of salmon’s versatility in taste, you can cook it in sweetness, sour or savory flavor. And still it doesn’t affect the salmon’s richness taste but it only enhances if you done a good or perfect blending of the ingredients.

Salmon cooked with Misu soup is actually one of my favorite dish. The first time, I was able to taste this kind of dish was when my sister cooked it. I was really blown away by the fact that it was cook simple but the taste is overwhelmingly good. And I even asked her, “Where did you learn the dish?” And she said, she ate in a restaurant before and ordered the same dish. But of course, it’s not the exact one because she already made some changes of ingredients and put her own twist—which is good. Until now, she cook it every once in a while and the appreciation is the same—we just love it.

Barbequed Blue Marlin
This big fish is a meaty fishy. It is best served if you cook it with a little bit of sweetness to showcase the full potential of this dish.

I’m not a big barbeque addict but there are some exceptions. For example, it should be glaze with sweetness and cooked with the balance flavor. The aroma should be amazing, it’s like you can’t wait to taste it once you smell it. And the appearance should be yummy and interesting.

 Usually, when it comes to barbeque—we love to use meat most of the time, but vegetables and seafood especially fish are also good when it comes to barbequing? Blue Marlin is the good example. It taste awesome with the sprinkle of lemon and honey on top and perfect for any outdoors occasions. 

 Mussels with Broth
A mussel is a kind of seafood that doesn’t give hard and wrong impressions for those people who love Shelly food. It can be found in sea water or even rivers; it’s not expensive but very nutritious. The best way to eat mussels—is with soup, so you can really taste the sea. The aroma of this dish is like when you went to a river side and the rocks have so many mosses around it. The secret is you can add lemongrass to it, so it will reduce the slimy smell. But above all this, mussels with broth really brings out the deliciously salty gummy feeling of every bite.

Sea Weed Salad with Tomato
Seaweeds are plants because they use the sun's energy to produce carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water. Sea vegetables offer perhaps the broadest range of minerals of any food found on earth. Seaweeds are also vital as a habitat for all sorts of other marine organisms, and a shore without these algae would truly be a desert.

This sea weeds salad is obviously healthy. It is unique and new. So, if you love new things or love some challenges in eating—maybe this will change your mood a little bit.
Sea weeds, tomato, onions, spices and seasoning are the main ingredients of this delicious and healthy salad. Always remember to try it yourself.

Adobo Crabs
One of the most favorite seafood’s is crab—hard but delicious and so yummy. We can cook it different ways but the rich flavor of crabs never change. Crabs can use coconut milk, soy sauce, creamy sauce or even ketchup—and still stand out and give meaning to feel good-taste of ocean or seas. In this particular dish, we only used soy sauce.

We don’t have to put too much pressure or technique in our cooking—instead, we need to put pressures on how we gonna break the hard shell of the crab. Uh huh! I guess that’s gonna be tough. But you know what they say, “in every hard work there’s a great reward”. The soft, tasty, a little bit salty, flavorful meat crab…Uhmmm! I can’t wait to have a taste but not until I posted this Picture Perfect food. 

Sinigang Shrimp
Shrimp is very common among seafood’s and one of the cheapest. Sinigang Shrimp has a strong flavour, scent of tamarind, super delicious and healthy. If you are certified seafood’s lover, I bet you eat this most of the time. Well nothing wrong with that—especially if you don’t have allergy. You know some people get allergies with so many different reasons. And eating seafood is one of them.

 Anyway, this sinigang consists of different kind of vegetables like string beans, okra, camote/sweet potato leaves, eggplant, raddish with onions and tamarind. As always, if you are creative enough to try some new alternative veggies for this dish—you can do so. It’s gonna be cool and Picture Perfect for sure.

Sinabawang Tuna Head

Every Sunday is always an extra special day, my sister loves to make an interesting dish and for me this tuna head is quite an awesome one. Mostly, I know tuna meat is good for barbecuing but guess what? It's also good as tuna stew.

My sister asked me to choose what kind of native vegetable should we use between kangkong/swamp cabbage or talbos ng kamote/sweet potato leaves. And I chose sweet potato leaves, well no special reason but I was just hungry and either of the two veggies will do make a good partnership with tuna. And after it was cooked, you know what I was right--it was really taste good especially the sabaw/stew taste really amazing. I bet it's another Picture Perfect Sunday.

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