Monday, April 15, 2013

OH, Sweety it's really Yummy!

Perfect Day for Picture Perfect snacks! Yummy goodness, this is sweetness for my sweet! Uh huh! Oh yea!

Sweet Tooth, sweet thought!
Boom boom Bread Delight
Once upon a time, I can’t think of anything to eat. I was stressed because of the idea about diet and losing weight. Although I am not fat or even chubby but still I want to maintain my figure in any way possible. Since, I ate too much meat—I’m thinking to eat something meatless snack. So, I decided to try something like boom boom bread delight as I named my dish.
This simple and healthy snack is composed of slices of bread, 4 slices of tomato, 4-5 slices of cheese and 3-4 slices of mango with tomato ketchup and ladies choice silky Italian dressing. It’s fresh, yummy, delicious and kinda weird too.

Assorted Jelly
Jelly is the simplest snack I’ve ever done. And because it’s easy to make—I have here three flavors. Pink jelly is really cute, its Maan’s favourite—my niece. I actually made these jellies. The pink and yellow jellies were made last Christmas and New Year and the green one was on my birthday. I added milk and sugar to make sure it’s sweet and yummy that the kids will love.

Saucy and Yummy!
Yummy Brechidog
This yummy snack is composed of bread, chicken and cheese hotdog, mustard with honey, ketchup and eden cheese. It’s the typical sandwich but rich in flavor. Kid’s favorite and adult friendly snack—Lol, I don’t know why when we talk about food, even you’re not hungry suddenly you will feel starving. Omg!

Beef Pasta and Tacos
Pasta or spaghetti is my all-time favorite Italian food since I was a kid. And I’m so lucky to taste it for free every time my sister cook it. And double the happiness because of Tacos. So, it’s like Italian food plus Mexican food equals deliciously amazing goodness.  

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