Sunday, April 7, 2013

Discipline for Every day Life II

Discipline in everything we do. It’s easy to say but when we need to apply it in our daily life we will miss a single point to perfect it. It serves a vital role in every decision we make. In order to have a healthy lifestyle, healthy mind, and healthy surrounding we need to possess a great attitude towards everything. For example, in what we eat, exercises, clean place, the way we think, the way we do things, the way we speak, all in all—the way we live life.

Last March my nephew Mark had an infection in his throat. He undergoes in an operation and we thank God because he is finally okay now. It’s been more than a week since he stayed in hospital and I know he learned so many things about eating right and taking care of his self. 

I took some photos of Mark Arnel together with his sister Ma. Angela inside his room in UERM hospital. These kids are adorable and you can see that to their Picture Perfect bonding moment.
I was glad because these two seems having a pictorial when I took their picture after a traumatic event. Mark still has these dreamy eyes but he’s okay—I’m sure and Ma. Angela—happy as usual, she’s been missing her brother because it’s been days since Mark stayed in hospital.

And because I’ve missed my nephew so much I took more pics just to see him smile or maybe not too soon.

But with some tricks I made him smile, gotcha! Look at the picture below... :)

Maan really loves the room's drawing, it's their favorite cartoon "Winnie the Pooh", and so I took her photo standing against the wall.

And then she checked her picture on my laptop so I decided to take her picture again while she continued eating her apple.

Then Mark decided to sit on his bed and maybe he was thinking of something to do and Maan felt thirsty with the apple so she gets water and drink. I took my chance again to take their picture.

Then after about some minutes of thinking, Mark went to the table and decided to eat while Maan had finished her apple and asked me to play. That's how we let the moment passed inside Mark's hospital room. Lots of picture taking just to get busy and kill the boring moments.

These kids have so much potentials but life always surprises us in so many different ways. Things can change in a splash and if we are not ready we might fail to fight.

"God is really good all the time".

I hope everyone learned from this experienced.

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