Thursday, April 11, 2013

Heart Of Gold!

Standard of Helping? Oh Please! 

As a human being, we are entitled to have a heart and use that heart to be compassionate, caring and vulnerable—sometimes. Are you the type of person who speak up or help out?

If someone is helpless, we should not ignore them. Instead, help them in any possibly way we can. Big or small—it doesn’t matter as long as helping is coming from the heart. But sometimes I keep asking myself,” Is there any standard of helping?”

Once upon a time, there are people talking or maybe arguing. I heard someone said, “I think it is better if you didn’t help me at all, maybe things wouldn’t be messed up like this!” Ouch!

It felt like sometimes even if we just wanted to help, the person that we’re helping thinks we’re causing the problem—which is really sad. In life, there are some situations that we can’t control. Sometimes we want to make things okay but it gets worse. Sometimes we wanted to do everything but we can’t because we only have limitations and we have the tendency to neglect things—purpose or not in purpose.

What would you feel if someone will get mad at you because you helped them? As if they pay you to help them and you screwed up. So, in return they will fire you. How is that to you?

Sometimes even we don’t want to experience that situation, it happened. Actually, it happened to me a couple of times already. It really sucks because in order to help, we sometimes let go or given up something. And nobody cares or even gives a damn about it. And in the end, our good intentions didn’t pay off. Well, what can we do? We’re not perfect, in a matter of fact we are just trying to help.

But of course, not every story is the same. Most of the time, helping is still a good or should I say great things. You know the feeling of satisfaction and happiness at the same time? That’s what we feel, Isn’t it? Because no matter what kind of person you are, if you have a heart of gold—you’ll never go wrong. Whatever it is happening—still it is just a challenge for us.

Some people they helped because they want something in return. Others will help because they want to get noticed. And if you will help only because you want that person to awe something from you—shame on you or shame on me!

If someone helped you—say thank you. Whether successful or not at least there’s someone who cared about you. Don’t make the person feel useless just because he failed helping—that’s really rude. On the other hand, if you lend your helping hand to someone, don’t pressure yourself too much. Just do everything you can and the things you can’t do—well just leave them behind! It’s not your fault if you can’t do everything perfectly. But don’t be so boastful either—just be neutral.

We all know that “nothing is perfect or no one is perfect”. This world is not all about perfection but all about transformation. "If the sky is grey it will turn blue soon. If the ocean is angry it will calm soon. If the wind is rushing it will sway you soon. If you need help there’s got to be someone who will, soon. And that soon—will going to be Picture Perfect."

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