Saturday, April 6, 2013

Man's Best Friend, Kobe Presley is the name!

Photographed by Greg K. Roller

Kobe Oh DaKobe! :)
“Man’s best friend”, that’s how we call or treat our dog. There are so many different kinds of dog breed, so many different names we give them and so many different snacks we feed them—aside from their original food. For us, if we have dog life is happier and meaningful. Am I right?

If you’re a single guy or girl—usually you have dog, so you can still show and release the love you feel inside you (cheesy). If you’re daughter or son wants something different because they want to get over with their stuff toys—you will give them dog (cute). And also if you want to give a gift for someone dear to you—it’s going to be a dog (baby). Either way, it’s all good! 

This one I want to show you—is the good example of why we love to have a dog and what are the things we can do to our dog or with our dog. His name is Kobe Presley, a Siberian husky, lovable and very intelligent, love the outdoors like his master Greg and funny! Well, you decide!

We love taking some pictures and we want to capture great views—to be inspired, to feel happy, to show our passion.
What more can you feel if you have these beautiful scenery with a cute dog? Surely, he’s the perfect model for a Picture Perfect like this.
After a hike Kobe sat to relax!

Kobe on a beach!

Kobe on top of a mountain--looking beyond!

Kobe on a top of a mountain!

Kobe on a beach background!

If you are stylish for yourself, you can do some styling for your dog too. Come on, it’s not a bad thing! It’s actually cool!
"Hey, baby!  My name is Kobe,
and tonight I am your honey,
 Want to party?
Because I'm ready.
Halahala...baila baila!"

Loving some adventure and fearless of heights. If the human can, so the dog too! “Don’t worry, I will not going to jump”, Kobe barked and I translated—as if I can understand him. I’m just making it up! Hahaha! Gotcha baby!

You want to drink because maybe someone’s broke your heart. Or you want to drink because there are so many beers in the freezer. Or you just want to—you don’t need a reason for that, get your dog and give him a bottle. No one will say your freak because you’re not alone! Uh huh! Not at all.

Kobe:“Oh yea, shopping, shopping, shopping! Non-stop of shopping! Of what? 
Boy: Do you need some tools? What kind of tools, Miss?
Girl:Oh, I didn’t know this is a tool shop, I thought it’s a dog shop. Where did you buy your dog? Boy:No, it’s not mine. I just saw that there inside the basket sitting, I thought it’s your dog... Girl:Ha?No, it's not mine either. Maybe he's alone doing some shopping...hahahahaa... 
Boy:hello dog! how are you”.??? 
Kobe:Aw Aw Aw! 

One hot day and you think it’s a good day to play sports. You are so ready but everyone’s busy. And now, you see your dog and you’re feeling desperate. It’s okay to throw the ball with your dog, force him to play with you—even if he is not interested. What can he do? He’s just a dog, a cute little dog wanting to take a rest and enjoy the noon. But you're ruining it. Maybe you can give him a treat right after a game or two, so it's even.

Like humans, our pets—especially dogs need some time for their selves. And you don’t want to be so tough with them. Give them freedom—freedom of eating lasagne or fried chicken, let them play with other dogs, and love them like your baby because dogs deserve so much more. OMG! I’m so cheesy!

“Okay! I’m not looking and I’m not reading that, how can I read? I’m a dog (for Crying Out Loud—col or Laughing Out Loud—lol). So, please if you love me and you think I’m sexy just take some pictures of me".

“The house is so messy but its fine I can sleep here”, Kobe thinks—as if I know what he is thinking again. I’m actually making it up--again and again. Well, once in a while you can let your dog lay where ever they want. Since you’re lazy enough to fix your things, at least, the dog will not freak out because of the mess. But maybe you will freak out if he poops on those sheets. 

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