Sunday, April 7, 2013

Best Summer Getaway II "Baguio"

The pictures above was taken at Lions International Statue along the road to Baguio with my mom, my sister and Maan and Mark (my niece and nephew). This Picture is Perfect.

Baguio, “Summer Capital of the Philippines and The City of Pines"

Baguio is famous because of its amazing attractions and for being the coldest place in the Philippines. Being located near equator, Philippines is a summer place—no snow or polar bear. Because of the climate change, sometimes the temperature/weather in the whole archipelago of the Philippines is hot or even hotter. So, for a change—people usually look for alternative spot where they can relax and escape the hot weather. And this is why Baguio—a God-given place can expect a lot of tourist all year round from different parts of the Philippines and of the world. 

I remembered the first time I visited Baguio is when I was in college and as far as I remembered, the Lion statue wasn’t there before or maybe I have just missed it—more or less it was 8 years ago. It’s also my first experienced of over-night staying far from home and without my family beside me. The whole vacation was amazing. We’ve been in different places (we also went to La Trinidad, Benguet: to see my picture with my friends) and learned lots of things—too bad I don’t have any copy of the pictures taken by my classmates. But the memory is still in me.

There was lots of drama too! I thought I was the only one new on excursion and I was wrong. We stayed in a transient house near Burnham Park; the whole day was a blast and very tiring for everyone. As we all falling asleep, I thought it’s going to be plain night and relaxing but before the night was over some teenager college girls from the other room made a scene for the world to know. It was like a fright night—screaming and running all over the house, I thought a stranger got inside with a knife. But when everything was settled, they confessed that they saw a shadow outside the window—but the window was so high and impossible for someone to reach it even if you’re a six-footer. And they thought it for something else—too much watching of horror movies doesn’t fun at all and it’s proven. Anyway, dramas everywhere and we should live with it. I actually had fun with it because all along I never knew that I wasn’t the only one afraid of trying new things for the first time. But of course I was glad that it’s not horrible things at all.

I realized one thing, “fear is just in mind”—because if you are so sure that no matter what happened you will fight and depend yourself—there’s nothing to be afraid of, unless if you lost in the woods and you are not wearing a sleepers or you’re drowning in the water because you can’t swim. But seriously, always have faith in God! If you know there’s a danger, think of Him first and everything will be okay. So, the next time of vacation (in Baguio) will be fun and enjoyment—no hassle at all.

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