Saturday, April 27, 2013

Romantic Sunset by the Bay

I love sunrise and sunset :)

Are you a morning person or a night person? Either way, it's all good!
I love sunrise because it represents new life and new beginning. Witnessing the sun rises is truly an uplifting moment and inspiration.

When I was a kid, I used to go outside to stare and wait for the sun to rise. I’d even bring my blanket with me because it was still cold.

On the contrary, I also love the sunset because it represents the other side of the world—darker but romantic. I don’t wanna call it the end because it’s not appropriate. When the sun set it’s more of coldness but there’s a romantic vibes at the same time. It’s the best time to find the warmth in the middle of a cold night. Am I right? Besides, I am a night person; I’d rather awake until midnight than waking up super early. And these following photos are a bit romantic Picture Perfect for me; it’s the sunset by the bay at the Mall of Asia. 

The sun is saying goodbye but I’m still standing;
Looking from a far waiting for something;
The wind blowing cold,
But my patient cannot be sold;
I wanna see the dawn,
I know it won’t take that long.

The waves are crashing,
The rocks are fighting,
The night is coming,
I think it’s exciting.

The sea is a bit calming,
And the wind is still blowing,
My heart is still pumping,
Looks what’s gonna happen!

Lights on every boat starts turning on,
But before I move on
I wanna see some more lights
That will glow in the dark,
Yes, I know I am right
Because in any seconds it will sparks.

The dark is here
And the lights are there,
My eyes are clear
My feeling’s cheer.

The night has come
I think I’m done
Waiting for the moment
Is so much fun
I guess I need to run,
To go back to home
There I’m not alone
Now, I feel contentment
This day was worthy
I am so happy.

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