Friday, April 19, 2013

The Askals

8Aw, aw, aw!
In the Philippines, we don’t usually use precise and correct words for something (not all the time just sometimes for fun things). Happiness is more important than being perfectionist and that includes the usage of a word. So, what am I talking about? Definitely using a right word to make an interesting sentence is a must but there’s an exceptional reason—the reason why we played with words we used. For example, the word CHURVA - it is a word replacement; it could be for a thing, a name, a place or whatever we don’t wanna say—so, instead of saying a specific thing we say churva. Other examples are ECHUS, CHARING, KALURKE, and many more.
Since, I am talking about replacing a specific word with another word that’s not really correct or has not been written in a book. My favorite of all words is ASKAL. Askal is actually referring to a dog with no specific breed. Whenever you see a dog in the Philippines, you can call it askal short for “asong kalye” means dog in the street. Because most dogs in the Philippines are seen in every corner of the street. :) Remember don’t mess with them, because if they gonna bite—you might gonna get rabbis. Lol but I’m not joking.

Here are the pictures of my ASKAL, it surely Picture Perfect for me!
Her name is Braniac--that's what I call her but my other siblings call her Whitey...Hehehe...she's quite small but cute...I haven't seen her in a while, I hope she's fine. Honestly, I love dogs and even cats but sometimes you can't bring them wherever you go (like in the USA)...or where you live (especially if the place is crowded).

Her name is Fujico--very cute!

 And his name is Pagoda--very shy dog.

Edited Dec.18
Whitey and Fugico had past away late last year, they'd been missed alot! :( R. I. P.)

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