Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Smallest and Cutest Gecko in the World

"Oh Gecko, just geckool, so kool"
These past few days, I've been staring to my pet Oscar and Oslick. They are both Gecko and adorable.  They’ve laid eggs already. So, now we have 4 eggs in the aquarium. There were few times that they’ve escaped but they managed to come back. I believe they bring luck and happiness to this family…

Then I decided to write about a gecko, which is cool…, who ever thought this exotic creature can be a pet. Mostly, we just want a dog or a cat and that’s it. Although, there’s no wrong with any choices just for a change lets try something unexpected—exotic is kinda mysterious and I'm loving it...
If you wanna see how these exotic pet could have a Picture Perfect for your eyes to see, you better open your eyes and you will love them for sure.

House geckos live in close proximity to humans across the world. These cute creatures are generally only a few inches long and feed on mosquitoes, moths and other insects at night. Usually, you can see them on ceilings or walls like your best friend.

The little creature crawling across the coin is said to be the world's smallest reptile. The Jaragua Sphaero or dwarf gecko measures just 1.6 centimeters (three-quarters of an inch) in length and is reported in the December issue of the Caribbean Journal of Science. Wow! Another lizard—not scary but cute.

Commonly kept as pets, leopard geckos are desert-dwellers, distinct for their varied spotting over beige or brown coloring. They have clawed feet and cannot climb grass, so they are ideal for terrariums but mine is in an aquarium--without water of course.

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