Thursday, May 30, 2013

Amusement at Mall Of Asia

I’d been in my favorite spot in the metro last weekend—yes it’s the Mall of Asia, one of the happiest and functional places within Metro Manila. It’s like all in one stop; you can go shopping, best place for food trips, comfortable and high definition cinemas, wide space for walking, amazing concert grounds and great view by the bay. But because the place has a lot of things to offer I wasn’t able to notice this great addition to make the Mall of Asia as more awesome as it is.

Then I found this huge “Ferris wheel” along the bay, but sad to say I am afraid of heights so maybe I will not gonna bother to try it. Well let’s see in the future, but I think the ocean view is definitely amazing when you’re up there.

Aside from “Ferris wheel” I also found some interesting rides and games for kids. And so I asked my niece, Maan for some picture taking with those fun games behind her.

Rides on top of the bee is definitely awesome and some mini bus is waiting too, how cool is that? Kids will gonna love it for sure.

This colorful train really brings joy to everyone. If you are tired sitting on every chair you can try to sit on this train, maybe you’ll be happy seeing your surrounding without walking—oh lazy! Anyway, it don’t cost too much—just a little bit for you not to sweat. Chigi-chaga, chigi-chaga-chuchu! 

I got so much fun with everything but as the night approached the bay, we decided to walk around and see some more. So, we went to the other side of the bay because we don’t usually walk to that way and then we saw the “Pirate”.

One dare-devil rides—Pirate, minus Captain Hook. If you are afraid of heights like me don’t you ever try this but if you love suffocatingly fun and gravitational excitement, this rides will take your size.
Feel free to fly but buckle up because when you let go of the pirate it will also let go you.
 Kinda funny because as I passed by, I heard someone cursing—maybe because of suffocation.  I told you, if you can't take the heights don’t you ever take a risks. Just  my advice because I’d been in that situation before and it scared me to death.

I remembered Star City; it’s the official place for rides, games and fun activities for the whole family. 
A few years ago, we decided to visit the place with my mom, my sister and her kids. Everyone is so eager to try a ride because there are so many. One by one we sat and we rode, we laugh and we scream as if our hearts will go out to join the fun. Until we landed on a dare-devil rides—the Viking. Lol, honestly, it was not that scary but as I said a while ago, “I’m scared of heights”.  
The "Viking" is a ride similarly to the "Pirate", “hanging boat or ship”. It swings back and forth until it reaches the highest pick of its end.
And look what I found!

And look what I got here, my vintage photos a few years ago. 
My first impression of the Viking—it was beautiful because the design was amazing. You know me, I really appreciate artistic stuff and I actually posed with my nephew Mark because I really loved the background.
But I never knew riding on a Viking would be frightening and scary. My heart never pumped as fastest as it was, when I was there and having a hard time to breathe I almost jumped—I know I was silly. I didn’t do it anyway, I was actually hiding on my brother’s back because literally the air suffocates me—no doubts. But still it was a great experienced because I learned to hold on and face the thing that scared me. I just don’t know yet if I conquer my fear or what. But it really helps I guess, before I panicked so much but now just a little bit. All I think about is—I just want to enjoy everything as much as possible, so there you go.

 And since we’re already here, I also wanna show you some fun rides that we experienced at Star City.
 My very own favorite I guess until now is “Mary Go Round”, awww! I loved it!
On this vintage photo is me, my mom, and my nephew Mark. I did enjoy the rounds because it’s quite a fairy tale and enchanting. I admit it felt like I was a kid because of the unmeasurable happiness I feel for that moment and romantic too, even if Prince Charming doesn’t exist that time. 

And last but not the least, the bumpy car ride of Mark—he was so happy just look at that big laugh he had—A good timing for a Picture Perfect moment.

So, that's about it folks! Thanks for stopping by and see you again next time! Happy reading, happy living and everything! :)

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