Saturday, May 4, 2013

Beach Love--Catch Me When I Fall (in the water--Lol)

Just wanna share this--my bro took these pictures last April.

This beautiful scenery is located at Zambales. 
Who would have thought that this breath-taking and heavenly beach is actually a mining site? 
Many people can walk and enjoy this place with their family, friends and loved ones but because it’s a mining site probably no one is allowed here to stroll without any permission. You can’t even see any trees growing or any plants near that will add to its beauty. It’s a sad thing because I have an eye for nature especially with beaches. And seeing how beautiful this place and knowing it’s like a dead beach is really tragic for me.This is another Picture Perfect that you will never ever gonna taste or feel.

A sunny day grace
In a breath-taking place;
When you walk here
You want it forever;
Looking from a far
Dreaming of a star,
A romantic gaze
With your embrace;
Will definitely melt my heart.

Carry me to the sea
And don’t let me go;
Swim and hold me
Just take me wherever you go;
Hug and kiss me
You know what I want to,
In this perfect moment
Everything is meant;
For you and me
It’s our destiny;
To love each other and be happy
To share our desire and be crazy;
Let’s bring it on
Because I want it all.
:) Peace!

Honestly, I really love the view and if I can be there with someone special to me there’s a big chance that I’m gonna be romantic—I hope it’s okay. I just can’t help it; for sure you can be romantic too. Uh huh!

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