Friday, May 3, 2013

Enjoying A Creamy Snack

White sauce mushrooms Pasta, shanghai, and slices of bread

A piece of Italian sensation and Asian dish, who would have thought of it? I am. The combination of these two dishes is quite Picture Perfect awesomeness. Most of the times, we love the combination of pasta with chicken—it’s an Italian favorite dish but to make it interesting and unique I want shanghai for a change. White sauce mushrooms pasta is creamy and flavorful but sometimes we overwhelmed and bored by its texture and because shanghai have herbs to it—for sure it will gives an amazing aroma. Snack time will be more enjoyable.
Honestly, I have tasted so many kind of pasta with different kinds of sauce but I will never ever gonna get tired of it. Every time of every bite is just awesome and wonderful. It’s one of my favorite comfort food. Common try it.:)

 Lemony Me

After eating white sauce mushrooms pasta, you can enjoy a drink I called “Lemony Me”. To find out how to make it please check:

Thanks every one! :)

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