Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mango Plantation in my Hometown

Mango Season is Finally Here, and so I decided to visit a mango plantation near the old house where I grew up. It's a small place in Angono, Rizal, Philippines.
This place was incredible and I really admired the perseverance of those people who made this place totally amazing.

This country side had brought me to almost tear and admiration. Nature really overwhelmed me in a good way.

I took some Picture Perfect views that are not far from what I knew. Since I was a kid, I used to be surrounded by trees, flowers and animals. And this particular view is one of those memories I have.

This mango tree still has its flowers—it means we need to wait for about a week or two before we can see some small mangoes growing up into a promising delicious fruit.

If there are some trees that starting to produce flowers to become fruits, there are also some trees that’s already having  fruits like this one. 

And this one down here, it only waits for us to pick them. Okay, I sounded weird I guess.

Growing a mango tree is not that hard because they can grow anywhere. It’s like when you eat a mango and throw the seeds somewhere next thing you’ll know, there is a small tree already growing.

But maintaining an amazing view like this really needs an extra effort. Everything should be well taken care of.

And you need to monitor it almost every day; it’s like giving your affection. Treat it like your pet or your baby. And it will definitely give back the love—it will blossom. 

Like this one, how amazing and cool is that? It just gives an awesome vibes--very refreshing to see. It gives happiness in your surrounding.
I loved the flowers of mango. You really have no idea how much happy I was when I got to see that amazing tree. I just remembered when I was a kid—I used to pick those flowers and my siblings got frustrated on how to restrain me.

I bet these fruits are ready for a harvest. Some people they like raw and some people love the ripe one. And these mangoes are ready to go, or maybe next time.

I wanna choose this one. I think I'm gonna bring this mangoes or maybe not.

My brother will gonna pick these mangoes but I told him, maybe next time. And instead, I took some photos with his hand.

So that's about it...I have missed blogging but I'm glad I can share some story and fruits to you guys and where I came from yesterday. Thanks for stopping by and see you again next time! :)

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