Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mango Season is Finally Here

There are at least six varieties of mangoes to choose from, Ataulfo, Haden, Francis, Kent, Keitt and Tommy Atkins. Each mango contains its own unique flavor and are rip at different times throughout the year.

I grew up in a country side where lots of trees and less of vehicles. I've missed the old days.
And honestly, I have missed eating this fruit because since I've moved in the city, lots of changes happened. And whenever I see mango, I feel like I don't wanna buy because if I'm going to eat one I want something fresh pick from a mango tree and I want something from home.

Good thing this morning, my oldest brother brought this delicious mango that I have missed for almost forever. I missed home and my hometown. Childhood days were over but my memories are still here with me and if there's one thing that will let me remember where I came from, probably this cute little mango here.

One of my favorite things to do when I was like seven to eleven was climbing up to the trees. It was one of my pass-time to get through the boring moments. There were mango trees and it's my favorite because it have lots of branches. Avocado trees don't usually grow with more brunch but instead it grows taller. Alatires trees--the native trees bearing small fruit that most birds love to eat and aside from that tthere's a lot more.

The nearest tree in the house was mango--I believe the same tree is still there when you walk through out the door. And when I was up in the tree I also used to eat there. I picked one or two mangoes then I never washed it but instead I made it as my snack while watching the birds flying or the dogs and cats chasing with one another.

I love to eat the ripe one but I challenged myself to eat one that was not ripe. I loved to see my face turning awkward with the taste and everyone laughed. Those days were unbelievable.

Picture Perfect Indian Mango
As I'm writing this article, I just feel glad and really so happy to remember my past. Those memories shaped the person who I am now. And sharing it is like a tremendous thing for me. Hope you guys like it, thanks for stopping by--until next time.

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