Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Special

It’s never too late to celebrate Mother’s day; actually we slightly celebrated it yesterday. Maybe you’re thinking why slightly? Well, because it was only simple one but cute. Let me tell you why and how. First of all, my mother wasn’t here so we can’t make any plan for her but next week is her birthday. I guess it does gonna be a perfect time to celebrate it with a bang. And so, my niece and nephew made an extra effort only for my sister—they’re mom.

This cute little cake here was designed by me with a little helped from Mark and Maan. I know you can’t almost read what I wrote it supposed to be “love Mom”; sorry it was my first time decorating.

And because we still have lots of ‘’icing’’—blue, pink and white, we just used a little bit of imagination and decorate more with the sprinkles of chocolate bits. It turned out amazingly delicious and Picture Perfect cake for a simple Mother’s day special.

It was actually Mark’s idea to use all the icing and with my help—from cute little cake to icing drowned cake. Sure it looks fabulous and awesome. Sweet and soft, melt in your mouth goodness (with of course a help of water :P). That’s one of the beautiful cake I’ve ever seen.

And again, Happy Mother’s Day to every mom, single mom and grandmother around the world—because of you this world is a better place to live.

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