Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Special Morning Meal

Solved and Full!

Meatball Spaghetti, slices of bread, Pancit bihon, sticky rice (malagkit) and ham with oranges.

A great day starts with great food. You know what they say, “The important meal of the day is breakfast”.
If we have a great morning meal, the whole day seems Picture Perfect. Well, it’s true because we have energy for work, we can think and we can move our body. As you can see or notice if we’re hungry everything seems so wrong. We became hot headed, we don’t want to think and we don’t want to move because the only thing in our mind is food. Sometimes we can even hear our tummy crumbling and we chill so quickly—we’re like defenseless. 

“Eating right means being healthy”, considering what we eat is so important, so we should eat healthy food. We should also monitor our weights once in a while to make sure we’re not neglecting something else. Sometimes we are so contented and happy that we become careless of what we eat, and then you will wake up one morning that you realized you're gaining too much weight. We should also not forget the sickness or diseases we might get and before those things to happen let’s be conscious now and be healthy. 

“Living life to the fullest”, we all want that and we all trying to enjoy life. Besides nothing wrong with it and because we want to live life to the fullest—having a healthy lifestyle is one of the factors to really live our life to the fullest. And so, happy eating, happy reading and happy living…until next time and thanks for stopping by…see you again!

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