Sunday, May 19, 2013

Romantic Sunset by the Bay (part II)

This beautiful sunset was taken last May 13, the Election Day. 

The whole day of election was very tiring and messy. I’ve doubted if there was someone never experienced a bad day or trouble, well maybe some celebrities or VIP. But my experienced and what I heard from my surroundings everything was more likely than “hell”, sorry for the word but let’s admit it that election in the Philippines never changed. Lots of people complaining from senior citizens to the youth; different scenarios, different problems, different complains in one issue. Anyway, I will stop from that because honestly I don’t like and I will never gonna like to tackle about politics. I never hate it but I will never gonna like it. 

And to start a great story about the romantic sunset by the bay:

My sister and her husband decided to visit MOA by the bay with their kids Mark and Maan, and so they asked me to come with them and because I also want to relax I decided to go. Actually, I was thinking to take some photos of the place especially the bay but unfortunately it rained a bit so the sky filled with clouds. I wasn’t disappointed even if I know I will not gonna be able to see a great sunset that I’ve been dreaming to capture, but instead I still have great hopes to find a way to have great photos. 

Even though it rained a bit the wind didn’t blow so hard like the first time we went there and so the water was calmed too. And even the sky filled with clouds, the sun did try to show a little bit. 

So, here are the Picture Perfect that I’m talking about:
At exactly 5:05, we reached the place,
And again I was amazed.

I sat on the bay wall,
To gaze on the ocean floor,
I never regret to fall
In the beauty that I adore.

The view was romantic
The feeling I felt was fantastic
It was peaceful
And I was grateful;

In this kind of special moment, sometimes you’re wishing that you are with someone you love to complete the romantic day. And how it can be so romantic if you’re alone?

Well, technically I was not alone because I was with my sister and her family.

I must admit that a great view really helps to have a peaceful mind and relax. Just breathe and enjoy the moment—one of the factors on how to “live life to the fullest”.

Before the day was over we saw a bird flying back and fourth, so I decided to take a shot—it wasn’t clear enough but I think it captured the essence…What essence? Actually, I don’t know…hahahaha!

And so, the night had come again and it was time to go back home. Thanks guys for reading and until next time!... :)

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