Monday, May 6, 2013

Tender and Tasty Squid

Squid is one of my favorite seafood ever, lots of different sizes but when it’s tender, it’s definitely delicious. 

Sunday is really a special day for the whole family. There are get-together, parties, and bonding moments. And when everyone is in one place at the same time—food is what we need.

These two different dishes are both made with squid:

 Photographed by GRoller
Grilled Squid
Tenderness is the most important things about squid because when you can chew it easily definitely you can enjoy the whole time of eating. Nice grilled squid must nice looking too, the presentation is exquisite, the taste is superb and the aroma is inviting—definitely a Picture Perfect day.

 Photographed by Liz
Adobo Squid
Did you know that aside from pork, chicken, and shrimp—Squid is also good to be cook as adobo? We can use the same technique, the same ingredients and the same time of hour in cooking but the taste can turn out different but delicious.
My sister cooked yesterday this adobo squid. It looks amazing and tenderly delicious. I’ve tasted salty flavor but not too much, it just compliments with rice and it’s perfectly balance.


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