Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The New Addition to the Family

I came from a big family, used to live in a country side or what we call rural area but I am here in the city now with my sister.  I love nature—whenever I see trees and flowers I can say I’m happy. And most of all, I love pets and animals—it also gives different kind of happiness. When I was a kid, I used to play with our dogs and cats—it’s actually one of the great memories I have. When I moved to the city my way of living totally changed. My sister taught me so many things that I need to know since we are here in the city. I learn and embraced the changes but who I am never changed it only improved.

The city life is crowded, expensive, competition but awesomely amazing at the same time. From trees and flower to buildings and vehicles—kinda overwhelming but I’m really enjoying the best of both worlds.
Looking back to my past—it really made the person who I am and looking forward for the future is the person I wanna be. What I knew and what I’ve been learning is a gift of God together with everything that surrounds me. I don’t have much but I don’t mind sharing what I have.

And speaking of sharing, the following photos that I’m going to share are pictures of the pets and animals that we adore! They’ve become an inspiration and joy to the family. This is the edition of “wildlife in the city”, but actually the animals here are not really wild but they are adorable and cute that's good for Picture Perfect moments.

First stop, it's the school of fish—not really a school though. They say water is lucky in Fung Sui, that's why we put this aquarium near the door to attract good vibes and it also gives beautiful scenery inside the house. Well, who will not gonna love these gold fish? All of them are so cute; I wish I can touch them.

 These fish is the very first pet that we have.

Sometimes they don't get along with each other because some of them are smaller than the other fish. I don't understand why there's bullying with all these fish. No wonder why you call a group of fish a "school". How ironic?

Second stop is Oscar--the gecko. He loves to climb in a wall, especially glass wall. So, he is living now in an aquarium with Oslick the other gecko. 

This is Oslick, she loves to climb in a small trunk that we put inside the aquarium.

These are Oscar and Oslick, I hate to say this but at first we really don’t know geckos hate sand it’s like their first enemy.  I feel bad for them because they suffered too much but we are making up to them—because they deserved so much love and caring...(no more sand inside the aquarium) LOL!

These worms are the treat for the geckos—I hope it will seal the deal.

And last but not the least is Hachico Chikay, the latest of them all!

Adorable face that will love by many--she is also sweet that's why I love to caress her!

And because we love her so much, my sister decided to sew a small cute little dress for Hachico.

OMG! How cute is that?  She's a winner to my heart.

Those adorable eyes and cute size will make you love her as much as we do. For sure!

And I can carry her everywhere, but for now just inside the house. I think she like to take a rest first, maybe she got tired of wearing a satin dress...LOL!

"Always love your pets and take care of the other animals. Let them live with love and respect"--Liz

Thanks guys for stopping by and see you again next time...Happy Living, happy reading coz it's never ending...:)

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