Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wandering Everywhere :)

These random pictures are taken from different places in the Philippines where I'd been with my family and friends.

The girl wearing red stripes is my friend Requilla and me wearing white.
This picture was from my college days (excursion). The background is the Subic Bay in Zambales.
It was an awesome and fun day. I will never forget it because even if it was a great experienced, there was an incident happened that I’d almost lost my life because I really can't swim but the good part is I'm still alive. Before the incident happened, I was so eager and fearless. I never thought that I can’t swim so me and my friend Requilla rushed into the sea to race. But before I reached the deep part of the water I got weak on my knees and fall, my friend didn’t noticed because she swam fast and left me ( I know she didn’t knew I can’t swim). Yes, I panicked. I forced myself to get out of the water but my whole body felt weak. Finally, someone came by to tell me that I can stand up, so no need to panic because the water level is not that high. She even rescued my sleepers floating. I never asked her name but I thanked her. Definitely, its embarrassing moment and kinda funny with a little bit of stupidity on my part. But hey, its learning experienced too, okay! After that whenever I think about it—I just laugh at myself. Well, at least I have that Picture Perfect moment before everything happened.

 This picture with my college friend was taken at La Trinidad, Benguet near Baguio City.
This picture with my college friend was taken at La Trinidad, Benguet near Baguio City.
That was the stairs of the Chinese temple when the gate opened, where we had our Chinese FungSui prediction. We didn’t stay long to that place but it was an amazing experienced to be there and witnessed other culture.
You can check out what happened to me at: Best Summer Getaway II "Baguio",

This one was taken at Picnic grove, Tagaytay with my niece and mother...My sister was the one taking the picture.
It was an awesome day. Spending time with my family is the best thing ever. That's actually my first time there and it was great experienced.

This photo was taken at Matabungkay, Batangas with my niece, nephew and mother--my sister was the one taking the picture and her husband.

I wasn't there because I was working that time. But actually it’s fine because I know my whole family were happy to have a great vacation and just relax and enjoy the beach. When they got home, they have lots of story to tell and I was like smiling especially with those kids because they were so eager to speak. From that moment I knew everything was a blast for them—cool right?

So, that’s about it! I hope you enjoyed my stories, thanks for reading!

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