Thursday, May 16, 2013

Welcome to my Beautiful World!

I went to my hometown last Friday and it wouldn’t be complete if I will not gonna show you how beautiful the place where I grew up. This is the reason why I claimed myself as a country girl but not really that old fashioned lady. I always love nature; a healthy environment can bring a happy heart--I believed. Even if I’m living in the city now I always go back to where I came from, especially if I have a heavy heart and this place will never ever disappointment me—ever. Having an awesome nature and clean air to breathe will definitely help your mind to think and release the worries and restless feelings. And the following photos will definitely make you appreciate the beauty of the world, and then will make you a nature lover if not yet.

This is the view front of the house. The Sandor tree really gives magnificent scenery that really makes me admire it.
This is the old mango tree, it’s like gonna fall but don’t worry because it will not. A few years ago, a typhoon hits the place that’s why it almost fell down but through the years it stays strong. I believed my age is the same as that mango tree. I am 26 now.

This is the avocado tree near the back side of the house, before it’s only two trees but now they are four already. I think the trees are a bit younger than me—just a little.

This is another mango tree near the house; it’s actually located in the left side of the avocado trees. And like the first mango tree—it almost fell down because of the typhoon, some plants already grown on its trunk. Actually, I used to sit on that trunk when I was a little.

 When you go down the hill, there are bamboos growing and it’s too many. There was a well before where the bamboos are located. I think it’s the reason why it grows healthy because there’s water beneath it. 

This is the old “well” it’s quiet small. When I was a little girl I thought it was so big where I can fit inside it. I used to take a bath beside that well and please do not be mistaken that the well was used for the movie “The Ring” because it never happened. 
There’s also a small stream near the well. When a typhoon came it flooded but since the weather of that day was hot it almost looks gonna dry—let’s hope not, because it’s nice to see a small stream once in a while.

When I was young I remembered, my siblings used to catch a mud-fish on that stream and we barbequed it for breakfast or for lunch sometimes, those days were amazing.

Right now maybe we can never find any mud-fish there but we can still find something interesting like frog eggs and tadpole, they are also cute though.

I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but I think the two rocks where the water running on this small stream looks like a butt. I’m not thinking grin or something but I just noticed it. Don’t you think?

This place looks like an old age but I still love it, it’s a big part of my childhood days. #ILoveGoingBackToMemorylane

 This is the upper part of the stream, it’s quite hidden but cool. :)

When I was standing in the middle of the place where I grew up it felt like I was in a little forest where there are so many trees and tall grasses. It was like an adventure for me and so I decided to look up and took some photos and I noticed this one is really breath-taking scenery. I couldn’t help myself but to admire the view, until now I’m just so happy—it’s like a big wow!

And because I enjoyed the place so much, I decided to still look around me and took some more photos of my surroundings.

Then I found this coconut tree that starting to grow a buko/fruit. It’s actually one of my favorite drinks; I love buko juice because it is clean and good for the body. 

Buko or coconut tree have so many uses from its leaves to its roots. And it’s really a blessing to have a tree or two and it’s surely a helpful too.

Aside from coconut tree, we also have lots of banana trees all around the place. How can you not be happy with all these trees? It produced fresh fruits that I loved and that’s cool.

Plants and trees also help prevent floods.:)

And finally, behind those trees and tall grasses—you can find this amazing view. It’s actually a mountain with two curves. When I was a kid, I used to wake up in the morning to wait for the sunrise and the sun rises behind that mountain. It was lovely and mesmerizing. As I remembered those days, I can feel the feeling is also coming back to me. It’s really amazing, but wait—I don’t know if it’s just me but I really think that the mountain curves looks like a lady’s breast. That’s the Picture Perfect example of Mother Nature. If I’m gonna have a good day, I will go back again to my hometown and I will find a great spot so I can take a very clear photo of that mountain. 

Anyway, thank you guys for stopping by...until next time :)

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