Friday, June 21, 2013

Delicious Fried Chicken

It’s everybody’s favorite and easy to find anywhere—I’m talking about fried chicken, yes folks—chicken. 45 days and native chicken—that’s the only kind of chicken I know in my entire life. 45 days means it's the chicken that we usually eat in every fast food we knew and the one we can find in every market around town. We can have a chick and feed them for around 45 days and we can have fried chicken on a table afterwards, soft, juicy, tender and flavorful chicken that any kids will never be boring while eating.

Native chicken—the only thing I know is that a native chicken came from a province anywhere in the Philippines. It’s a small chicken with little bones and hard built skinny that needed to get boil for hours to be able to eat but very tasty and flavorful. Good for chicken tinola or chicken stew. 

Any kind of chicken deserved to be prepared delicious. Like this one, Picture Perfect fried chicken! Yumyum, can’t wait to eat this one! Have a nice day people! Happy eating! :)

Fried Chicken

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sweet Memory of Chocolate

A long time ago, a prince came into my life and brought a gift—it happened to be chocolate. And because chocolate is my weakness, I fell in love. OMG! It sounded like crazy; I know I’m not good about telling a story of mine. I’m already old but I’m still a kid at heart. Anyway, forget about prince charming and happily ever after—I’m going to direct my point. Last Father’s day, we went to a mall and as we wandered around, we saw this chocolate stall inside the mall.

And look what I found! 

These types of chocolate is the same chocolate my knight and shining armor/prince charming brought me a few years ago as a present and gift (but the guy I'm talking about is super gay now). I was shocked when I saw it and also shocked when I found out he's a gay now but I'm happy for him.. And now, I can totally remember everything, the taste, the sweetness and the love we have until now—especially, the expensive chocolate. Holy sweet! I miss everything—the man of my dream, the promise of love, the tenderness of every caress and the sweetness of chocolate. Okay, that sounded super cheesy! So, to cut this thing of—I wanna show you my favorite (the memorable chocolate of my life). Here it goes! The Picture Perfect chocolateee!



Comfort Food!

Heavenly Gift!

I know most people love chocolate as much as I do! And what's good about chocolate? Well, it only produce a happy hormone--that's what they said and I kinda believe it...Remember when you see a child crying and you want to make it stop, you can give a kid some chocolate and instantly—the crying will gonna stop. I guess the happy hormones magic started when you see a chocolate and then continue for about an hour or whole day when you ate it. Oh jeez! Well, sometimes you can think of so many things—when things are so good and it’s normal. So, happy eating everyone especially if it’s chocolate.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Manila: Gates of Hell -- No More!

Manila is the ''Gates of Hell", as Dan Brown wrote on his book "Inferno". He describes a visitor to the city who is taken aback by poverty, crime and prostitution. I must say that not the entire Manila reflects disgrace; I think people should look at one thing in every different way as possible because there's always a good and bad side in everything. Anywhere in the world--you can find a dark side, poverty, pollutions, prostitution, crimes and any bad things you can imagine. It just happened that Dan Brown chose Manila to be the subject of his book. Hey! I also love to write and choosing a topic is very important things.

Filipinos are known of being hospitable, kind, knows how to respect, sometimes weak but never give up, dreamer, only will fight for the right and love to appreciate but will never hate and if Dan Brown will gonna choose other Asian country or any country that reflects the same dilemma of Manila--for sure it's gonna be a war of a lifetime and he will forever be hated. But he is lucky he chose Manila because only Filipino can take criticism and move on as if nothing happened. Still, he is a very talented and well respected human being--I wish his criticism about Manila will help to gain and change its path for the better.

But anyway, since I'm talking about Manila--I wanna show some photos I've captured while wandering on the street of Manila. You will see, it's beautiful--no more trash and flying candy wrapper, definitely there's cleanliness. Time will come and it's gonna be an amazing place to live--I need to cross my fingers.  I can say it's truly Picture Perfect, so, gates of hell--No more!

Manila can be clean, productive, safe and awesome place to its native and to the tourist in the world, not only to some parts of it but the whole city and so as the entire Philippines. The government and the people should help each other's and give concern to address the need of the place to be suitable for everyone to live healthy and happy. I hope the citizens of the world will prioritize on how to appreciate and not to be judgmental--try to help and not to break and try to teach and not to bully.

To all Filipinos around the world: Thank you and always remember that Philippines is our native land that we need to love and respect where ever we are in the world.

To all foreigners: Whatever is your nationality and color; we should respect each other's, don't hurt us because we don't hurt you, you know we can appreciate you but you don't need to appreciate us in return--just give us dignity we deserved, you know we can respect you and we always welcome you here, and so, don't be afraid to come back and witness the beauty and nature of the Philippines. 7,107 Island--if you don't like Manila don't torture yourself, find another great spot to relax, unwind and be adventurous. I guarantee you, you will gonna love your stay and you will gonna have a memory of a lifetime just don't forget to bring your camera for Picture Perfect moments!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Clouds Along the Way

We went to SM Mall of Asia yesterday. I was sitting at the back of my brother-in-law’s car and can’t think of anything to do. I looked around me—I stared at the road and to those vehicles. Lots of things were happening and then I looked up and saw an interesting thing—the clouds! It really caught my attention because it's just so beautiful and really mesmerizing. Good thing I have photos here and I wanna share it to you.

Now, you've seen what I saw...Truly amazing and Picture Perfect clouds formation...Please, enjoy the great view as much as I enjoyed it! Still feel I'm on a cloud 9!

See you next time folks!

Liz is here saying, #Awesome! 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Knight and Shining Armor (A Birthday Gift for Someone Great)

Remember when we’re inspired because of someone, sometimes we become creative in finding great things to say. Some of us write a song, some of us write a letter and some of us write a poem. Honestly, I do all of those things—even if I don’t have an amazing vocabulary but when I really feel what I feel—I can find a way to express and release what my heart and soul really want to say. I know most people can relate themselves. So, please enjoy this romantic poem that I wrote! Happy reading!

My Knight and Shining Armor

Your eyes is my ocean,
You know I couldn't swim
But when I look into your eyes
I feel I’m floating in a wide open sea.
Your kiss is my sky,
I will never ever gonna fly
But when I close my eyes when you kiss me
I feel like reaching high.
Your embrace is my home,
Because I can stay in your arms forever
I really wish we can be together
The warmth of your skin made me feel comfort and safe.
Your love is my strength,
Whenever you say you love me
My heart beats faster and faster
It brings joy and laughter.
You’re my knight and shining armor,
That I’ve been dreaming all my life,
Someone I wish to come alive
And be here by my side.--Liz

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Another Great Breakfast starring Sunny-side up

We always love to stock easy to cook food because it’s so important to have a reserve food when we have a busy day or we need some quick response in our tummy. The following are another version of Picture Perfect egg in the morning meal.
3 Sunny-side up for a fine but busy morning!

First stop for a Picture Perfect breakfast!
2 Sunny-side up with rice and 2 delicious hotdog...:) that's surely looks happy meal to me.

And the last egg goes to!
Sunny-side up and 2 ham for a great breakfast, yumyum! My day is complete with this awesome meal.

Thanks everybody! Happy eating!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Make me feel your Love (A lyrical Wish)

When I miss someone so much, I’d rather write something or just do anything to lessen my loneliness. Like letting my feelings to pour like the rain and consumed by it. Sometimes if we have heavy loads, the only thing we can do is to live with it—remember things will just pass by and God will carry us through everything. So, don't lose hope and always smile to have a Picture Perfect moments--because smiling is contagious... :) Happy evening and happy reading everyone!

Days and nights comin’ so fast
I feel stranded on a desert Island
But when you came into my life
There something inside me that comes alive
Oh, how can I tell you what I feel?
And how can I tell you what I need to say?
Baby, I’m afraid you don’t feel the same way
Like I do
‘Cause right now
I just wanna hold you
Then I wanna kiss you
And I wanna sleep in your arms
“Cause I already knew
When I turned around
I’m gonna die inside
Please, just make me feel your love
Just make me; oh make me feel your love 2x
Oh, no more wishful thinkin’
You can only free me with your love
My heart connected to your heart
And I can easily breathe when I know we’re alright
But maybe you don’t believe in love
Or maybe you ain’t feelin’ it tonight
Time will come, you’ll needed me by your side
(Repeat C:)
Please don’t hold back your feelin’
And you should stop denyin’
“Cause there’s just so many things in this world
That we never realise could be important to us
Don’t let it go 2x
‘Cause we can’t bring it back when it’s gone.
(Repeat C:)
Days and nights comin’ so fast
I feel stranded inside your arms
But it’s alright ‘cause you lighten up my life!