Thursday, June 6, 2013

Avocado Season is now Officially Here

 Mango and Avocado

 Picture Perfect Alligator Pear

At last, it’s finally here—Avocado season. Mango season and avocado season come close when they produce fruits the waiting period is just weeks and probably at least one to two months. It just happened that mango seems grow faster easily and so we enjoyed it first but another favorite fruit of mine is here to enjoy for a while. Avocado has a higher fat content more than the other fruits. And because of that we always think, what is the best thing to do with it? We don’t want to eat it pure or maybe we want but of course we want to be creative in order to enjoy it more.

 This is the ol' Avocado tree in the backyard--it gives the best fruit ever!

Avocado is also called alligator pear because of its shape, but no matter what we call it—in different languages or in different form—we can’t deny avocado rocks!

 Some are still small and the others--I think we can eat them now.

 Avocado can be green or purple.

When I was a kid we usually made ice candy flavored avocado or avocado shake with milk and sugar—it was popular even until now. But if you’re not scared to add additional fat, you can enjoy it...
 Like this one--pure avocado with sweeteners or...

Ice candy

When I was a kid ice candy was my favorite because we can’t find ice cream anywhere only in a super market or mall. Especially, every summer time ice candy really in-demand because it’s cheap and affordable.

Awesome refreshment for everyone, thanks folks for stopping by and until next time--happy reading, happy living and happy sharing of Picture Perfect moments.


  1. I love avacados!! I use the hass avacados to make guacamole. How come you don't have a follow button or subscribe button on your blog?

    1. Great! I also love guacamole, especially with tacos--omg perfect combination!
      About my subscribe button I will try to fix it but you can still follow my blog by copying the url and put it on your "list of visited blogs"...Happy blogging!