Friday, June 7, 2013

Chocolate Forever!

In my years of existence in this world there’s something never changed—my love for chocolate! When it comes to chocolate definitely I’m a kid at heart and I believed in the saying that “Chocolate gives a happy hormone”, don’t know exactly what it means but I know what is happy and I am happy when I eat sweet. I never trade chocolate for anything. Opppss! Did I say never? Ok, I mean if you want me to choose between chocolate and cherry—I will choose chocolate as simple as that. 

Honestly, I can eat chocolate for a whole day although I know it’s not good but whenever I’m depressed I can feel it lessen my worries and sadness with just one bite. Sometimes I’ve never realized that I already ate a bunch—omg! I can even remembered when I include it in my diet last 2010. It was the time I gained weight and it was like all the people around me noticed my body changes. They can’t even help their selves not to say, “You really gained weight, are you pregnant”? OMG! I never ever embarrassed because being a pregnant woman is not bad but the thing was—I wasn’t pregnant. Although, I know there was something wrong about me that I need to fix as soon as possible. I know the people around me know me for a long time and maybe they don’t like what they see even if there’s nothing with it, but it kinda scared me or it felt a bit alarming when it comes to my health. And so I diet, I exercised and really controlled myself in order for me not to gain more weight. 

As I said my love for chocolate never changed but my approach in eating sweet stuff changed so much. In fact, I only let myself to eat 2 or 3 small pieces of chocolate once in a week or maximum of 10 small pieces in a whole month. Most of the time, I eat brown chocolate with less sugar—a bit bitter. I think less sweetness is less fat—hopefully!

Start some Picture Perfect moments and hopefully, you will enjoy my story! #Stop bullying to have a happy living.

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