Friday, June 21, 2013

Delicious Fried Chicken

It’s everybody’s favorite and easy to find anywhere—I’m talking about fried chicken, yes folks—chicken. 45 days and native chicken—that’s the only kind of chicken I know in my entire life. 45 days means it's the chicken that we usually eat in every fast food we knew and the one we can find in every market around town. We can have a chick and feed them for around 45 days and we can have fried chicken on a table afterwards, soft, juicy, tender and flavorful chicken that any kids will never be boring while eating.

Native chicken—the only thing I know is that a native chicken came from a province anywhere in the Philippines. It’s a small chicken with little bones and hard built skinny that needed to get boil for hours to be able to eat but very tasty and flavorful. Good for chicken tinola or chicken stew. 

Any kind of chicken deserved to be prepared delicious. Like this one, Picture Perfect fried chicken! Yumyum, can’t wait to eat this one! Have a nice day people! Happy eating! :)

Fried Chicken


  1. I agree this is everybody favorite my Daughter and her cousins also like fried chicken. when we are at the mall they always requested to go in jollibee just to eat chicken joy. thanks for posting this Liz, you made my appetite

    1. Thanks Pinoy Forum for liking this article I really appreciate it...And I'm glad I made your's very nice of you...I'd be happy to hear more from you!...:)