Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Funny Sheep Sexy Dancing

This video has been sent to me by my gay friend. Honestly, I thought I lost it because I never seen it in my files a long time ago but good things happened—as I checked my files it happens to be there. And so, I decided to share it with everybody.

When I first saw the video I was totally amazed and laugh so hard—technically, the whole video has all the sense of humor in the world. A little bit of grin but not exploit, a little bit of character but not theatrical, a little bit of story that you don’t expect, and a little bit of fun that will definitely make you laugh so hard and you’ll never forget it. 

The theme of the show is kinda rodeo/country (the sheep in a barn), but the sheep escaped and got crazy, and so he decided to dance to have fun with a little bit of sexiness in the side.  It was definitely cool and hilarious. Youth, adults and senior citizens totally enjoyed it—they laugh out loud—LOL. I’m kinda thinking, what if you took their photos while laughing? You can definitely gonna see their teeth jumping all over—jeez!



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