Saturday, June 1, 2013

Good Morning Sunny Side-up, I mean "Good Morning Sunshine"

What is the common breakfast around the world?  Maybe we can have different answers but if we are going to tally the votes—Egg will be the top choice. It’s just my guess but I’m so confident about it.

Some common methods of preparing eggs are sunny-side up, fried, poached, shirred, soft-boiled, hard-boiled and scrambled—and because of these versatility—you can find eggs in the table not only for breakfast but also anytime, like lunch, dinner and snacks.
We can use different techniques on how to cook an egg or we can cook it in every different way possible. No matter what we do, it’s always an egg that we love to eat. And I think the reason why we love to cook an egg is because it’s easy and faster—not unlike other dish that you need to wait for an hour or more than a decade (just joking).

Yummy Scrambled Egg with hotdog, good for bread and rice.

Slice bread with scrambled egg + banana :)...awesomely tasty...and so quickly to cook.

Personally, I love egg. My all-time favorite is scrambled but when I learn to cook sunny side-up, it’s been my favorite now. And here’s my version of sunny side-up in a Picture Perfect morning--I mean moments on the table.

Before I put my eggs, I first prepared the buns and then some cheese—I love cheese because it gives nice texture and taste to the food.

Right after the cheese—it’s time to put the eggs on top of it. Wow! It’s really deliciously looking and definitely can’t wait to taste it—especially if you’re so hungry because you wake up late this morning. 

Finally, it’s done with a little help of ketchup! My own egg sandwiches or egg buns—because I can’t call it egg burger, you see I don’t have burger on it.

And because not everyone likes egg in a bread, we can also try eggs with rice. Just to make sure we’re full and solved. I made a face on a plate using eggs and rice—just a little imagination (Hello, Elmo!)

That’s about it folks—thanks for reading and enjoying my photos, till next time! :)

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