Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Yummy Guacamole!

I’ve been hearing about guacamole for quite some time now and I think it’s quite famous. So I made my own version of it, since it’s the season of avocado also known as alligator pear. When I watched some shows on Food Network and TLC there were few times they’re having demo on how to make a guacamole. There are some differences of the ingredients or some additional seasoning and I think my favorites are the tomatoes and lime, because some of the ingredients are not available in the Philippines. Guacamole originates in Mexico but when they introduced it in the United States it became well known salad.

I love to be adventurous on making a guacamole but as I said some of the ingredients are not available here but it doesn’t mean we can’t make an awesome guacamole. We can always make a twist on making our own version of anything and as a result it can taste really good too, if we done it right. Like my guacamole here. I loved the lime because it can break the boring moment of any dish and it fits perfect for guacamole.

In here we have adobo and rice together with guacamole. Adobo is also originates in Mexico but with another name. Here in the Philippines, Adobo is a loved dish but sometimes because of the fats from chicken it tasted a bit boring and to break it—guacamole really helps to enhance the taste and flavor of this dish. Honestly, I’ve eaten a lot because it fits perfectly together—oh it really taste so good! I feel my stomach really is full—gosh it’s hard to breathe when you eat too much than you usually eat before. So, you better try it folks! Yumyum! Deliciouso! Picture Perfect!

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