Monday, June 10, 2013

I need a Real Love (Wishful Thinking)

I have so many reasons why I’ve been writing lyrics and poem. Sometimes it’s base on my experienced, maybe about love, about heart breaks, friends, family, pain, happiness or hopes that I feel in that very moment. This particular one is entitled “I need a real love”; I wrote this a long time ago because of heartbreaks that I’ve been through. I was so young then and things happened—maybe I’ve been bitter in some point in my life before but I understand now that things happened for a reason. I’ve learned from it and I just wanna share this one to all of you, I hope you will like it as much as I do.

Just so I’m telling you
Ain’t  gonna let you
To enter into my life
Just to give some pain in me
Just so I’m telling you
Ain’t gonna let you
To be with me somehow
Just to get what you want from me

‘Cause I’ve been saving smile
I’ve been holding heart beat
Since the day I cried because of love

Baby, I need a real love
Yes, I need to be hold
I need to be touch
But I need to be who I am
When I’m with someone
Maybe you already knew
That I needed you
Well baby, I ain’t gonna let you
‘Cause maybe you’re not true

II. a.
Yes, I’ve been saving love songs
And I’ve been writing heart-breaks
Since the day I cried because of love

I just wanna be alone
No more using phone
Need to love myself first
Don’t wanna love again
‘Cause I only cry in pain
(Repeat  III)

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