Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I sketch and I draw with a Twist

Aside from writing lyrical poem which is my past time, I also love to draw and sketch—not a person but anything interesting. I’m not a professional type or versatile master in terms of being an artist but I’m just enjoying what I do and I am happy with that—so, I decided to share some of my very first drawing.

The first one is my own version of Antipolo Church. Honestly, when I was in elementary I never thought I could draw—I mean I know to myself that the talent on how to make a straight line to start a drawing is not in my blood. But last 6/26/09, this very exact date I decided to get a bond paper and pencil—I started to draw a line, a curve and this church is the result. I realized, “Somehow if you try something new and something you think you don’t know—still you can find a way to see what you’re trying see—all you have to do is to try”.

The second one is my version of “Baby Jesus in the Manger”, I made this last 9/09/09 to 9/10/09. Honestly, I’m not a good cartographer of a person that’s why I put a twist in this drawing. I copied the drawing on a book but it doesn’t looks the same with the original—it means I only made it as a reference. Anyway, for me I think the whole drawing is cute especially the baby. The dog didn’t exist in original manger of baby Jesus but I put it right there because “dog is man’s best friend”.

And last but not the least, it's the Picture Perfect scenery which I truly admired. This is my own version of the background outside the window of Mama Mary and Angel Gabriel conversation. I found it in a calendar and from that moment on I knew that I really like the view. So, I drew it last 9/14/09 and I thought it was nice. Someone special to me told me that we can go there—I wish! Me and my knight and shining armor will live happily ever after to that castle. :)

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