Friday, June 14, 2013

Make me feel your Love (A lyrical Wish)

When I miss someone so much, I’d rather write something or just do anything to lessen my loneliness. Like letting my feelings to pour like the rain and consumed by it. Sometimes if we have heavy loads, the only thing we can do is to live with it—remember things will just pass by and God will carry us through everything. So, don't lose hope and always smile to have a Picture Perfect moments--because smiling is contagious... :) Happy evening and happy reading everyone!

Days and nights comin’ so fast
I feel stranded on a desert Island
But when you came into my life
There something inside me that comes alive
Oh, how can I tell you what I feel?
And how can I tell you what I need to say?
Baby, I’m afraid you don’t feel the same way
Like I do
‘Cause right now
I just wanna hold you
Then I wanna kiss you
And I wanna sleep in your arms
“Cause I already knew
When I turned around
I’m gonna die inside
Please, just make me feel your love
Just make me; oh make me feel your love 2x
Oh, no more wishful thinkin’
You can only free me with your love
My heart connected to your heart
And I can easily breathe when I know we’re alright
But maybe you don’t believe in love
Or maybe you ain’t feelin’ it tonight
Time will come, you’ll needed me by your side
(Repeat C:)
Please don’t hold back your feelin’
And you should stop denyin’
“Cause there’s just so many things in this world
That we never realise could be important to us
Don’t let it go 2x
‘Cause we can’t bring it back when it’s gone.
(Repeat C:)
Days and nights comin’ so fast
I feel stranded inside your arms
But it’s alright ‘cause you lighten up my life!

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