Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Manila: Gates of Hell -- No More!

Manila is the ''Gates of Hell", as Dan Brown wrote on his book "Inferno". He describes a visitor to the city who is taken aback by poverty, crime and prostitution. I must say that not the entire Manila reflects disgrace; I think people should look at one thing in every different way as possible because there's always a good and bad side in everything. Anywhere in the world--you can find a dark side, poverty, pollutions, prostitution, crimes and any bad things you can imagine. It just happened that Dan Brown chose Manila to be the subject of his book. Hey! I also love to write and choosing a topic is very important things.

Filipinos are known of being hospitable, kind, knows how to respect, sometimes weak but never give up, dreamer, only will fight for the right and love to appreciate but will never hate and if Dan Brown will gonna choose other Asian country or any country that reflects the same dilemma of Manila--for sure it's gonna be a war of a lifetime and he will forever be hated. But he is lucky he chose Manila because only Filipino can take criticism and move on as if nothing happened. Still, he is a very talented and well respected human being--I wish his criticism about Manila will help to gain and change its path for the better.

But anyway, since I'm talking about Manila--I wanna show some photos I've captured while wandering on the street of Manila. You will see, it's beautiful--no more trash and flying candy wrapper, definitely there's cleanliness. Time will come and it's gonna be an amazing place to live--I need to cross my fingers.  I can say it's truly Picture Perfect, so, gates of hell--No more!

Manila can be clean, productive, safe and awesome place to its native and to the tourist in the world, not only to some parts of it but the whole city and so as the entire Philippines. The government and the people should help each other's and give concern to address the need of the place to be suitable for everyone to live healthy and happy. I hope the citizens of the world will prioritize on how to appreciate and not to be judgmental--try to help and not to break and try to teach and not to bully.

To all Filipinos around the world: Thank you and always remember that Philippines is our native land that we need to love and respect where ever we are in the world.

To all foreigners: Whatever is your nationality and color; we should respect each other's, don't hurt us because we don't hurt you, you know we can appreciate you but you don't need to appreciate us in return--just give us dignity we deserved, you know we can respect you and we always welcome you here, and so, don't be afraid to come back and witness the beauty and nature of the Philippines. 7,107 Island--if you don't like Manila don't torture yourself, find another great spot to relax, unwind and be adventurous. I guarantee you, you will gonna love your stay and you will gonna have a memory of a lifetime just don't forget to bring your camera for Picture Perfect moments!

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