Saturday, June 8, 2013

My family, my friends, my pets, My Love

The Beauty of Nature

I cried so much last night. Honestly, it was different from the other times I cried because I felt too much hurt that I couldn’t breathe. Sometimes if we want to deal with something and we don’t know what to do we left and we forget or we let go but this time it’s different. I can’t let go of my problems—I pray to God to heal my pain until this morning I realized to face it. 

My family. They are important to me and if there’s something wrong it really affects me. I’ve tried to understand the situation if there’s a problem and hopefully—the wound will be healed and the pain will go away as the day’s passes by. And I will always be here for them.

My friends. I’ve only seen and talk to my friends through social media because I think I’m a bit busy spending time blogging and doing some home stuff responsibilities. I love my friends and spending too much time with them doesn’t necessary needed. They know I’m always here if they need to talk to.

My pets. I only have 3 kinds of pets in the house (the gecko, the fish and the puppy). And my favorite is Hachico the puppy because we always lovey dovey. You can see them in my other post. The New Addition to the Family.

My love. Honestly, I’ve been missing someone for a longest of time now. He’s birthday is almost near but he decided to take a trip to Mexico for a fishing than to come here in the Philippines to be with me. And as I found out about it I cried so much but what can I do? Nothing, I can’t force someone to spend quality time with me if he don’t want to—LDR really sucks and seems no direction at all but I stay because—I can’t explain really. Is it about love? I guess! Only God knows and only God will decide!

God only knows why I feel hurt even when I’m in love or why there’s a family problem even if it seems it can be fixed or why my friends seems really don't care.

Even I have big and small problems—blogging really helps me to breathe easy and share my thought, my inspiration, my burden, my pain, my heartbreak or anything caught my attention—I also share those photos that I think it can be  Picture Perfect moments in my life.

So, guys thank you so much for reading, happy living and happy sharing. See you again next time. :)

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