Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Knight and Shining Armor (A Birthday Gift for Someone Great)

Remember when we’re inspired because of someone, sometimes we become creative in finding great things to say. Some of us write a song, some of us write a letter and some of us write a poem. Honestly, I do all of those things—even if I don’t have an amazing vocabulary but when I really feel what I feel—I can find a way to express and release what my heart and soul really want to say. I know most people can relate themselves. So, please enjoy this romantic poem that I wrote! Happy reading!

My Knight and Shining Armor

Your eyes is my ocean,
You know I couldn't swim
But when I look into your eyes
I feel I’m floating in a wide open sea.
Your kiss is my sky,
I will never ever gonna fly
But when I close my eyes when you kiss me
I feel like reaching high.
Your embrace is my home,
Because I can stay in your arms forever
I really wish we can be together
The warmth of your skin made me feel comfort and safe.
Your love is my strength,
Whenever you say you love me
My heart beats faster and faster
It brings joy and laughter.
You’re my knight and shining armor,
That I’ve been dreaming all my life,
Someone I wish to come alive
And be here by my side.--Liz

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