Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pizza Craving on Midnight Twilight

This is it! Finally, I will break my own rule. Before I started this blog, I told myself not to write or post about pizza. Because we don’t made it but we buy it. I will only post it if my sister or I will create our own home-made pizza. But there are times that we crave for something and it happens to be Pizza! So, I decided to compile all the photos of pizzas that I’d been ate for a longest of time. Too bad I can’t find the others. Anyway, this night really making me feels so miss eating a pizza. And I wanna promise to myself it’s the first thing I will buy—maybe tomorrow or whenever I go outside. So, wish me luck! And because I’m kinda crazy of craving—I think I’ve mentioned pizza many times, jeez it’s really crazy!

This is a Hawaiian Pizza; we ate this when we went to a mall near our place. First, we went to a karaoke to sing and when the time ran out we walked around to do some window shopping and when we get tired and hungry we went straight ahead to this place. We’ve waited too long but let me tell you—it’s worth the wait. The pizza was delicious I have to say and so I took a Picture Perfect moments here. Really amazing!

I bought this Pepperoni Pizza when I went 25—yes on my birthday. My moment was amazing, it was actually the first time I celebrated my birthday—I mean I was the one bought the food for myself. But it was awesome.

Corned Beef Pizza; we bought it when we went to a mall just to wander and have some talk. It was me, my mom, my sister, my oldest brother and Maan—my niece. It was another version of holiday treat for a family—everyone was happy!

Pepperoni/Hawaiian Pizza; amazingly tasty and cheesy and melt in your mouth goodness. Definitely, one of my favorite to eat—ever! Sorry guys, I’m really craving for this but it almost midnight—oh why?

And last but not the least, Pepperoni, corned beef and pineapple Pizza—awesomely tasty and flavorful. My sister bought this on her birthday—very nice treat I have to say. 


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