Monday, June 3, 2013

Sweet Banana Cue "Versatile Filipino Snack"

Banana cue is common snacks in the Philippines. You can see it in the streets, in carinderia/food stalls, or even in expensive restaurants. I must say it is very versatile snacks and love by many whether you are rich or not.

In order to make a banana cue we use “saba”—types of banana that small, thick and sweet. Usually, we don’t eat it raw and sometimes we boil it to cook.

In order to make a banana cue, we should slice the saba into 3 to 4 pieces. Just roll it in brown sugar until it coated the whole piece and then put in boiling oil. Right after a minute or two you can see it turned caramelized, crispy and deliciously sweet snack/dessert for a meryenda time. The whole family can enjoy it. It’s affordable and easy to cook; you can even have bonding time with your kids, husband or siblings with parents. Please try it!

Banana Cue

I hope you enjoy this native Picture Perfect snack, only in the Philippines! Thanks for stopping by and see you again next time folks! Happy reading because it’s never ending!

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