Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sweet Memory of Chocolate

A long time ago, a prince came into my life and brought a gift—it happened to be chocolate. And because chocolate is my weakness, I fell in love. OMG! It sounded like crazy; I know I’m not good about telling a story of mine. I’m already old but I’m still a kid at heart. Anyway, forget about prince charming and happily ever after—I’m going to direct my point. Last Father’s day, we went to a mall and as we wandered around, we saw this chocolate stall inside the mall.

And look what I found! 

These types of chocolate is the same chocolate my knight and shining armor/prince charming brought me a few years ago as a present and gift (but the guy I'm talking about is super gay now). I was shocked when I saw it and also shocked when I found out he's a gay now but I'm happy for him.. And now, I can totally remember everything, the taste, the sweetness and the love we have until now—especially, the expensive chocolate. Holy sweet! I miss everything—the man of my dream, the promise of love, the tenderness of every caress and the sweetness of chocolate. Okay, that sounded super cheesy! So, to cut this thing of—I wanna show you my favorite (the memorable chocolate of my life). Here it goes! The Picture Perfect chocolateee!



Comfort Food!

Heavenly Gift!

I know most people love chocolate as much as I do! And what's good about chocolate? Well, it only produce a happy hormone--that's what they said and I kinda believe it...Remember when you see a child crying and you want to make it stop, you can give a kid some chocolate and instantly—the crying will gonna stop. I guess the happy hormones magic started when you see a chocolate and then continue for about an hour or whole day when you ate it. Oh jeez! Well, sometimes you can think of so many things—when things are so good and it’s normal. So, happy eating everyone especially if it’s chocolate.

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