Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tears on my Pillow (Dreaming)

Year 2008, I started to write a song lyrics and poem. I also have guitar because I truly love music but until now I still don’t know how to play guitar. Regardless of anything I wanna share to you one of the lyrics I've been written. “Tears on my Pillow”, is the title of the song—it’s about a girl waiting for her knight and shining armor to come in her life. I hope you guys love the meaning of the song as much as I do. Thanks for stopping by! :)
I used to be alone
I used to cry
I used to be broken-hearted
Used to cry
I used to believe that someone will come

So, one day when I wake up
There’s a smile on my face
That I can’t deny
No more tears and sadness
When you look me in the eyes
That I can’t deny

But there many days
And many sleepless nights
I’m confused and scared
Don’t know the reason why
Tears on my pillow
I need to know you
It’s like every seconds of waiting
It means to me that you’re not coming

I used to be someone
Used to pretend
I used to be out of place
Used to be shy
I used to hold on
‘Cause I know someone will come
(Repeat R & C)

‘Cause I failed to reach so many dreams
But you’re the reason I get by and stand up again
Will you come for me?
(Repeat R & C)

I used to be alone
Used to wonder
I used to think all day
I used to dream
I used to believe
And now you’re here in my heart…

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